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NCM Motorsports Park

The National Corvette Museum, located in Bowling Green, KY, in one of the largest automotive centered facilities in the country. With the addition of their motorsports park, it’s a place we knew our customers would love to visit for a chance to experience a supercar. Paying homage to the great American sports car, the Corvette. This isn’t just a walk in the park, this is a high-speed test drive on a 2-mile racetrack that was purpose-built to challenge all skill levels of drivers. To make sure you’re ready to step on the pedal of a $200,000 supercar and take it past 100mph, we put together this guide.

Here’s your track-day guide for NCM Motorsports Park

*Please note that this is general information in an effort to help you have the best track day. As every track facility and layout is different some of this information may not be exact.

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NCM is located at: 505 Grimes Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42103

Your reserved time is your Xtreme Xperience Check-In time. Guest will follow XX flags to check-in with XX. Please be at our Check-In area at the time you reserved and have your driver’s license and confirmation out and ready. We will accept your confirmation via paper form or on your mobile device.

Reminder: Driveway Austin is in Central Standard Time Zone.

For XX Guests, there are no fees to park at the National Corvette Museum. Parking is located directly across from the West Track.

Any XX branded area after Check-In is considered the “Pit Area” and adults will need a spectator pass. VIP Pit Pass access ($10 per adult) provides closer spectator viewing in the pit area (kids 12 under are FREE but must be with an adult). Tented seating, seating, close photo opportunities, and waters are included in the Pit Pass, but cannot be promised for free spectator areas.

Drone usage/ aerial footage is prohibited.


After checking in you will attend a driver’s briefing class that lasts around 25 minutes, within a short walking distance from check-in inside of the National Corvette Museum facility.

As our program is always evolving and safety is always strengthening, it is required that every driver (no matter how many times you have enjoyed our program) attend the driver’s briefing. No exceptions.

Drivers must wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or heels). As this event is outdoors (no covered pit); though we provide tented areas we ALWAYS encourage that you dress for weather possibilities (heat, cold, or rain).

National Corvette Museum will have concessions available during the event beginning at noon. XX also provides complimentary waters to all guests and we welcome you to bring your own food and drink (non-alcoholic).

We are a rain or shine experience so on average, our experiences are not postponed and refunds are not provided due to inclement weather (as long as track conditions remain safe). A day-of reschedule request is a $100 fee, unless we have postponed.

If we postpone an event you will be alerted via Email and text message, and we have up to 12 months to provide a reschedule date at a track location close to you. Please visit our FAQ for more information on postponements or cancellations.

Turn-by-Turn Guide of NCM MSP

NCM is a complicated road course. Patience is the key to success on this circuit as many of the turns have late apexes. I can’t emphasize enough how important a Discovery ride-along in our lead cars is before you drive this course yourself.

  • Turn 1
    As you leave the pits, you will stay on the left side of the track to set up for turn 1.  Once you turn in for corner 1, hold the same turning hand position all the way through what is almost a double apex turn. The car will track out to the left side as you roll gently into the throttle. The track bends to the right, then the left and you will try and drive as straight as possible through this section with as little steering input as possible. At the end of this section, you come into a hard braking zone with your brake markers on the left which will then lead you to your next turn.
  • Turn 2
    This turn is a long sweeping turn with a late apex. The key is to use as little steering input as possible and let the car come out to the left-hand side after the apex. Brake markers will be on your right-hand side.
  • Turn 3
    Leaving the braking zone from turn 2, you turn into 3 which is almost a 90-degree turn which leads downhill. Line up on the left side of the track to get set up.
  • Turn 4
    This is another near 90-degree turn that will now go uphill. The key is to not let the car track out too far to the left, as you need to set up to the right side quickly in order to make your next turn.
  • Turn 5
    This turn is another late apex turn. Leaving the turn you will want to position your car about mid-track to get ready for your next turn.
  • Turn 6
    This is a fast downhill then an uphill section which leads into a tricky brake zone. Key is to straighten out your braking as best you can and get your car all the way to the outside of the track (right side).
  • Turn 7
    Another late apex turn that requires a lot of steering input. Be patient getting on the gas here. As you unwind the steering wheel, roll into the throttle gently.
  • Turn 8
    Leaving turn 7 you are lined up on the right side of the track. There is a bend in the road as you get into turn 8 so you end up on the left side of the track. You will need a tap on the brakes to set the nose of the car as you turn into 8. Use the entire track out on the left-hand side.
  • Turn 9
    This turn is a fast turn that doesn’t require much steering input. Let the car track out as much as needed and then get back to the left-hand side.
  • Turn 10
    Late apex turn that will lead you on to the front straight away. Be patient getting on the throttle. Wait until you are unwinding the steering wheel and roll into the gas gently.
  • Turn 11
    This turn combined with 12 and 13 is my favorite section. Flow and proper weight transfer is the key to being fast through this entire section. At the end of the straight is a hard brake zone. You will turn in and try to keep your car as far right as possible to get set up for your next turn.
  • Turn 12
    Hopefully, you were able to keep right coming out of turn 11. If not you were carrying too much speed. Delay your turn in for a late apex on 12. You don’t want to turn in early here. As you leave the apex, stay as left as possible to get set up for your next turn.
  • Turn 13
    You are increasing speed as you get to 13 which is a long sweeping turn. You will track out to the left side with your brake markers are on the right side.

Watch a video of 3 laps in a supercar at NCM Motorsports Park

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