Can you still enjoy driving a noiseless supercar?


Tesla Model S P85D

The past few weeks have been filled with tons of videos of the, all-electric luxury performance Tesla Model S – P85D, facing off against some serious cars on the street. The P85D obliterates its contenders off the line, as it launches itself to 100+mph in no time. Much like the previous Model S, it’s powered by multiple electric motors; and when we say ‘powered by’, we really mean, JUICED UP! It has certainly bruised a few egos, as Tesla has figured out a way to make ‘going green’ fast, comfortable, and exotic.

Now that buyers of the new Model S have taken delivery, we’re starting to get our minds around some of the numbers we’ve seen – on paper. Using the combined 691 hp from the two electric motors, the P85D will go 0-60 in roughly 3.2 seconds, while emitting ZERO noise or emissions out the rear-end. Under four seconds seems to be the new standard for supercars, so let me introduce some of the gas-guzzling company that the P85D keeps, and how it compares to our fleet:

The said supercars, are considered to be some of the top performing factory production cars on the planet. Albeit, not one of them makes use of any hybrid technology. These are thoroughbreds of the supercar world. Meaning V8 – V10’s. Turbos or naturally aspirated, 500+ horsepower freaks, that breath fire and scream madly, as they rev to 9,000 rpm! All of which are equally complicated, mind-bogglingly fast, and outrageously expensive to own.

Although similar in many ways, there is no doubt that they are very different cars to drive. Making for a truly unique experience. This brings us to our question of the day (month, year, century, etc)… Do you think that sound, or lack thereof in this case,  ruins the experience of driving a supercar? If so, why?

Here are a few videos of the P85D to help you decide:

So… Most boring drag races/dyno runs? Or is the spark still there with the electric sports car?