Drive of The Week: 160mph at Road America!


We finally made it to Road America, and videos from your drives are Xtreme!

We couldn’t have been more excited (and fortunate) about providing you with the opportunity to drive our fleet of supercars at the legendary racetrack, Road America. We packed our trailers in anticipation of an epic weekend at the track, knowing we were poised to make big impressions on both car enthusiasts and motorsports fanatics. After watching your faces hop out those exotic cars, ears ringing from screaming engines… there’s a good chance we made our mark. 

We hit all new speeds at Road America, and so did you!

road america lamborghini huracan and porsche gt3 xtreme xperience

After a round of videos began to surface on YouTube, we began making our selections. There were some 3-car package drives that were excellent, but they didn’t have the same level of enthusiasm as our Drive of The Week had. (We’re sure you’ll agree) 

Check it out. 

Watch, Xtreme Xperience customer Diana, hit 160mph in a Ferrari 488 GTB at Road America. 


[original video posted to Diana’s youtube channel.]

Are you ready to drive a supercar at a racetrack near you? 

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