Drive the GT-R: The Lambo Eater is BACK!


This is the newer, meaner, faster GT-R you need to drive on track!

front silver nissan gtr on track

We’ve re-added the Nissan GT-R to the fleet, mostly because we (you’re included) missed it. There was something about the presence of having an “it can take anything you throw at it” supercar in our fleet that we needed in our lives. 

Right in time for our first event of the year, we took delivery of this 2017 Gun Metallic GT-R and shipped it to Bondurant so we can get a feel for the car. 

Speaking of, here is what’s new with the refreshed Lambo Eater better known as, Godzilla. 

rear silver nissan gtr on track

Right off the bat, you probably noticed that it looks familiar yet different. With that said, we think Nissan has done a great job accentuating what we all loved about the GT-R, then dialed up the aggressiveness!

Though there are not any major departures from the original GT-R, this 10-year-old model car now looks like it hasn’t been forgotten about. Thankfully, they didn’t forget to upgrade the guts of this beast either. 

2017 Nissan GT-R Specs: 

  • 3.8L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine
  • 24 Valve
  • 565 Horsepower
  • 467 LB-FT Torque
  • 6 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission 
front silver nissan gtr on track

The takeaways here are that the 2017 specs tell us the GT-R makes more power (20 hp more than the NISMO model of 2016) and more torque. That’s the GOOD STUFF!

The GT-R also managed to shed a few pounds in the processes. Meaning, the power is deliverable and noticeable. 

Other enhancements were made to the suspension and rigidity of the vehicle to help improve cornering ability. We all know how well this thing can pull its weight through turns. So, this is a welcome upgrade, allowing this ‘Italian supercar eating beast’ to maintain its edge over the competition. 

Thus far, we’ve noticed that it feels new and more premium compared to years past. As we’ve explained, there are technical and visual upgrades, but it just feels different. More buttoned up, and better over the road.

In reality, it’s still a very practical supercar that can still shred tires on the track. So, it’s pretty perfect. 

rear silver nissan gtr at track in pits

What did the pro’s think of the upgraded GT-R?

We took to YouTube to see if it was worth adding the new model before making our choice, and here’s what was said. 

Chris Harris on Cars

  • Faster Steering
  • The moment you hit the throttle, it just goes!
  • Incredible noise
  • I can’t think of any car that has more personality
  • Angrier top end
  • The braking is fantastic

Quite frankly, we agree with his anecdotes. The good news is, you don’t have to take our (or Chris’s) word for it, you can come drive it yourself! 

Drive the All-New Nissan GT-R

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