Drive the McLaren MP4-12C – Everything You Need to Know



McLaren MP4-12C on a Racetrack

While the name might be a mouthful, the McLaren MP4-12C is one of the fastest, smartest, most intuitive and dominant supercars we’ve ever had the pleasure of driving, and now YOU have the rare opportunity to drive a McLaren on a racetrack! What makes this British supercar so special?

  • Formula 1 racing-inspired from the carbon fiber chassis to the transmission
  • A twin-turbo 3.8L V8 engine makes 592 hp at 7500 rpm and 443 lb-ft from 3000 to 7000 rpm.
  • Constructed from exotics materials like carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum. Carbon fiber accents appear everywhere.
  • 3.1 second 0-62 mph time and a 10.8 second quarter mile with a top speed of 207 mph.
  • MSRP starts at $261,000
  • 7-speed dual clutch transmission
  • Active aerodynamics. A rear spoiler pops up to aid braking by using wind resistance. (One of our favorite features to experience)
McLaren Engine Start Button


Exclusive McLaren Driving Package

Drive the MP4-12C on a racetrack for only $299. The package includes a 3-lap drive in the MP4, one High-Speed Pace Car Ride-Along and $39 Track Insurance Package. This special package is only being offered at a handful of racetracks including the Autobahn Country Club June 27-30.

Reserve your exclusive package at or call us at 866-273-7727.

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Offer is only valid as a new reservation. Previous reservations cannot be transfered to the McLaren package. Reserve your preferred drive time online or purchase at the track based on availability. Deal site vouchers do NOT apply.