Drive On. – A Message From Our Co-Founder


Dear Xtreme Xperience Community,

We started Xtreme Xperience in 2012 with the goal of making the world’s most exciting cars accessible to everyone. Setting out to undertake such an audacious mission has required us to overcome countless hurdles, but we have always done whatever it takes to make the impossible possible, to drive on, and that’s not going to change.

Our culture of optimism, determination, and a passion to change people’s lives got us to where we are today. In this challenging time, even as cities and states shut down, we are choosing to “Keep Calm and Drive On” and we invite you to do the same.

To us, “Keep Calm and DRIVE On” means we’re staying positive, committed to our mission, focused on safety, and optimistic about the future. We’re not getting down about rescheduled events and postponing putting you in the driver’s seat. We’re going to keep bringing you cool things to do (virtually), we’re going to keep buying the hottest new cars (waiting on our C8 to get here any day), and when we’re all able to get out of the house, we’re going to have some of the world best cars ready for you to enjoy at a track near you.

You make our mission a reality. You are a community that is passionate, devoted, caring, and persistent. Over the past eight years, we have been astounded at this community of car enthusiasts. That is why we are confidently asking you to rally with us. Share your successes, your challenges. Share what you are doing to help and how we can help you. Share how you are going to Keep Calm And Drive On.

Starting now, we are using all our outlets to Drive On. In the coming days, we will share with you tips, inspiration, challenges, and opportunities for community engagement. You can subscribe to a daily email called “Your Daily Drive” to inspire the start of your day (here). We’ll be supporting local and national organizations through the sale of “Keep Calm and Drive On” merchandise (purchase here). You can join our virtual Cars & Coffees on Instagram (time TBD – stay tuned) and show off your car live. And more. Until life goes back to normal, we are here to help and inspire you to help others.

Keep Calm And Drive On.

Joe Moore | Co-Founder