The McLaren 570s – Love at First Sight


McLaren aims to bring the emotion back to driving with the 570s

The newest model in the British marque’s lineup is a lightweight, twin-turbo V8 “sports car” that puts out numbers that are well within supercar territory. For the sake of an argument, and the fact that its predecessors (12c and 650s) utilize very similar V8-turbo engines, we’re going to go ahead and say ‘this entry-level McLaren will blend right in with the supercars’. It certainly looks like one, that’s for sure!

image xtreme xperience supercar mclaren 570s

The 570s in Vermillion Red

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our Vermillion Red 570s arrived and had our hearts’ racing. Although we have not fully experienced its 562hp and 443 lb-ft of torque, we fell in love with its look and sound. The exhaust note was throaty, complementing the V8 and spooling turbos. Something we have missed since the McLaren 12c was removed from our program no more than a year ago.

image xtreme xperience supercar mclaren 570s interior

Hop into the Mclaren 570s

Like all McLarens, they are very technical and built to for speed freaks. This is why power to weight numbers are so important to McLaren. As you can see, a major focus on the build of the 570s was to keep the weight down, while keeping it functional for the road. Fitted with version 2.0 of their carbon-fiber tub, the car only weighs 3,200 lbs. We think the open channels of the, near see-through doors, help quite a bit too.

image xtreme xperience supercar mclaren 570s door

Weight reduction bro!

So what will all these organic shapes, scoops, and turbos get us? Mclaren says that it will propel you from 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds, run the quarter-mile sprint in 10.9 seconds, and top out a blurring 204 mph. The big question we all want to be answered is, how will it perform on the track?

Not only is that a good question, but a very respectable one at that. Reason being, there were many downfalls to the 12c (in our program), but this is a new machine that is supposed to perform much more like a traditional track car, opposed to an electronic spaceship. We say traditional, in the sense that it’s suspension components go from adaptive dampers to anti-roll bars and a double-wishbone setup. This is the combination they’ve [Mclaren] chosen on, to help influence emotion and liveliness of a sports car that is built for the road & track.

Motor Trend had an opportunity to get their hands on a preproduction model 570s, and here’s what they were able to feed us, in terms of performance comparisons:

image motor trend ignition mclaren 570s stats

By the Numbers

image motor trend ignition track times 570s

Center of the field

Watch the review, HERE.

We heard that the 570s was going to be built to compete directly with Porsche’s 911, and it’s pretty clear to see that it does. Now the only question we have left is, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Let us know in the comments section below.

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