A Look Back At Event Number 1


On a hot, hot day in 2012, a small and fierce team hosted the first Xtreme Xperience event in Houston, Texas. United by their love of cars and a desire to share it with others, the entire team became instructors, detailers, guest service managers, and mechanics that weekend. The respect, integrity, flexibility, communication, and drive shown by the team during this first event, defined who we are as a company. 


First Xtreme Xperience Event

A team photo following the completion of the first event.


At that first event, supercar enthusiasts could enjoy one of five cars. Two Lamborghini Gallardos, one Ferrari 430, A Porsche 911 Turbo, and an Audi R8!

Xtreme Xperience Supercars

Checking supercar performance

Our emphasis on providing a premier, excellent experience is paramount in 2020, but it was at our first event in 2012 that our team put excellence first. From cleaning cars to checking tire temperatures, it was all hands on deck…or on pit lane.  


Xtreme Xperience Car Detailing

Juan detailing a Ferrari

Xtreme Xperience F430

Joe checking tire temp on the Ferrari F430


One thing you may not have noticed in the photos above is the Ford Mustang GT behind Juan. During our first events, there weren’t Chevy SSs leading the back, not Mitsubishi Evos, but a sole Ford Mustang GT leading the way. Most shocking of all, those Mustangs came straight off the rental car lot. Believe it or not, our first lead cars were only rented for the weekend! 

Looking back, having only four models of cars to choose from seems unbelievable. However, we think you’ll agree, for 2012, these four were a pretty solid choice. A 911 Turbo never goes out of style, the F430 was an instant classic, the Gallardo was a menace, and the R8 was a superstar.


The biggest shock of all though is what we did not have at that first event. Helmets! We would never consider hosting experience now without helmets, but for our first two events, that’s just what we did. (At event #3 in Atlanta, we used helmets provided by the track, which we then bought at the end of the weekend!)

Also missing from pit lane that weekend was branded tents, organized lines, or giant semi-trucks to hold equipment. In that first year, a lone pickup truck pulled a trailer while cars drove from track to track! (Don’t believe us, ask Juan! It was 8 years ago to the day that he hauled the trailer back from Houston.)

Getting the entire fleet ready was a little easier back then!

Ultimately, it is a blast to look back at this first event not just to reminisce, but to see how far we’ve come. No doubt, in another 8 years, we’ll look back at our 2020 events with the same awe. We’re pushing ahead to ensure that we make more giant strides ahead to live out our dream of make supercars accessible to anyone!