Can We Complete 50 Drives in One Hour?


What’s the fastest way to get a group of fifty people all revved up and grinning from ear-to-ear?

Join Reid, our Group Sales Manager, as he takes you behind the scenes of a customized private event at NOLA Motorsports Park in today’s Vlog episode. 

WATCH – Vlog Episode 4: 50 Driving Xperiences in One Hour.


The beauty of having some really fast cars is that they provide more smiles per mile than let’s say… a Corolla. To make sure the Supercars are able to deliver on their promise – to keep you grinning for days on end – is that we find a way to make sure you can drive them the way they’re meant to be driven.

Whether it’s at a track near you or hosting an event at a track you would like to visit in the US or CAN

That’s the beauty of having multiple options at our Home Track in New Orleans. Our permanent location gives us enough flexibility to use the track and our custom Sprint Circuit in a variety of ways. Allowing us to customize the program to fit your budget and needs. 

Do you want to drive on the track? You got it! Looking for a space to have a conference? No problem! It’s all there and ready to rock when you are. 

driving a porsche gt3 on a race track in new orleans

Do you want the track to yourself? learn more button

Hosting a private group at XX changes with the group. They can be as small as six people out for multiple drives, or in this case, 50 people in a single hour! It may sound like sheer madness, but we customize the program to make sure the groups have everything they require for a successful day at the track. That includes staff, track time, and of course SUPERCARS!

Why do we host private groups?  

Many businesses are tired of hosting golf outings or bowling nights for their team members. They’re either boring or you have hosted one too many of them to make an impact. The opportunity to do something so unique and out of your comfort zone is what we LOVE about hosting corporate group Xperiences. They break the mold and can incentivize your team or even help you get in front of new eyeballs. 

It also gives us the flexibility to scale the Xperience up or down to fit your budget, while we still get a chance to rip supercars around a track. It’s what we do best. The rest is up to you! 

If you’re looking to see Reid’s face track-side and you would like to book a private event for your team, just shoot him an email at He’ll be happy to hear from you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in the next Vlog?! 

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