Will The Lamborghini Aventador Live Up to Its Name?


When the opportunity presents itself to ride in one of the most expensive, highest powered, supercars on the road – you take it! Xtreme Xperience recently gave me the chance to get into the Lamborghini Aventador, for three laps around Autobahn Country Club’s 2.1 mile track. For many, just seeing this rare bull is enough to talk about for years to come; but experiencing it at speed is mind-blowing!

IMG_2681There is nothing, “nice” about this car. In fact, it’s not a word that should be mentioned when you talk about an Aventador. The thing breaths freakin’ fire for god’s sake! The razor blade sharp creases and chiseled shapes are perfectly angled to give you an impression that it’s shattering through barriers; igniting the fragments on its way past the white-hot exhaust, while being propelled across the pavement. The sound of the Aventador is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. The roar of a high-revving V12 engine, is something that needs to be experienced first hand. And what you do hear, is equally as enjoyable as what you feel in the Aventador. That’s when things all start to change…

The Lambo’s 700 hp is well contained and managed by a 7-speed transmission, all wheel drive, and some seriously fat tires (335/30/20’s on the rears). The Aventador’s acceleration is shocking, and amazingly the power doesn’t seem to subside – even into its deeper gears. The Aventador is best at launching its host into triple-digit speeds, but it’s ability to stay planted and carve through corners – despite its large wheelbase and weight (3,472 lbs) – is astonishing. Lamborghini has truly set the bar high for road capable supercars with this beast.

IMG_2701The Aventador certainly is considered to be today’s “poster boy” for most supercar fans. Which is why it should come as no surprise to anyone when I say, being on the track in one was unbelievable. A dream that was converted into an adrenaline fueled, heart pumping, near euphoric experience, that I’ve finally checked off my To-Do List. See for yourself, we got it all on video.

Pretty Xtreme, don’t ya think?