2015 Corvette Z06 Leaked


2015 Corvette Z06Oh Snap! Although we knew it was only a matter of time, we never expected to see the 2015 Corvette Z06 leaked this soon. Either way though, it looks fantastic! A big thanks to the Corvette division of Chevrolet for a full redesign with the Corvette C7 generation, because it makes the Z06 look that more bad ass.

2015 Corvette Z06 rear end

With suspected performance figures of 620 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, this ‘vette will destroy Lamborghini’s & Ferrari’s all day long. If it handles anything like our 2014 C7 Stingray then it will definitely be worth the money. With harsh aggressive angles, a full aerokit keeping it sucked to the ground, and a mean front end the guys at Chevy should feel a great sense of accomplishment. They have truly paid homage to the legendary Stingray name and given a new generation an All-American Hero.

All-New 2015 Corvette Z06 and the 2014 Corvette C7.R race car

Latest news stirring about is that Corvette will also be releasing a track edition alongside the Z06 titled the Z06X. Our guess is a stripped down, bare bones, full throttle lightweight version of the Z06. More news to come as the year goes on. Stay updated by subscribing to our VIP Email list to receive the latest news and deals from Xtreme Xperience below.


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