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How to Find The Racing Line

Did you know that you have the power to see the future?

Determining the racing line is a lot like connecting the dots, or drawing your way from one point of a maze to another. You need to visualize your way around a defined space, and when you arrive at a reference point you progress towards the next one. We explain how to determine that path, and make your way around the track efficiently.

Tactics to Help You Find The Racing Line:

  1. Eyes up: The further ahead you look, the better.
    Identify your reference points for each section of the track (turn by turn would be even better). Look for something immovable.
    -As you define your reference points, you can begin to establish when you start and end your braking and accelerating.
  2. Outside-Inside-Outside (OIO): This is the standard method of completing a turn on the track. As you approach a turn, you want to be on the outside of the turn. From here you dive into the turn, and meet the apex. Immediately following the apex, you should begin to float towards the outside, as you meet the track out point.
  3. Slow in Fast out: We discussed this in the braking episode, but it’s important to understand how this applies in a racing scenario. In your braking zones, you can begin to test your entry and exit speeds, as well as variations the line you use to get through the turn. 

Episode 1

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Getting Started

Episode 2

episode 2 behind the wheel master the brake pedal


Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Racing Line

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Putting it together