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Accelerator: Put The Power Down, The Right Way.

With great power comes great responsibility...

If you have ever driven a high-horsepower car, you already know that getting up to speed takes little to no time at all. You should also know that interacting with the throttle needs to be controlled and used the right way. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly put yourself into a situation you don't want to be in. Here's how you can control the throttle and use it to your advantage. 

5 Things To Know Before You Hit The Gas Pedal on Track

  1. String theory: We use this “theory” to help our drivers understand a simple concept of, doing one thing at a time, particularly when it comes to acceleration. The idea is that a string is connected to the steering wheel and your throttle pedal. Here’s how it works:
    -When the wheel is straight, you're able to push the fun pedal to the floor. This will provide you with the ability to maximize traction/grip. 
  2. Smooth Transitions: Similar to the brake pedal, you need to be sure that your interactions with the gas pedal are smooth. "Jumping" on and off the throttle will upset the balance of the vehicle. This is why we recommend you Roll on the throttle. 
  3. Understeer VS Oversteer: These are a product of your speed and acceleration as you travel through a turn. Many factors contribute to each of these terms, but here’s the essentials.
    -Understeer: This occurs if you enter a turn with too much speed. This causes loss of grip in your tires forcing the car to push forward, rather than around a turn
    -Oversteer: This occurs at the rear of the car, as opposed to the front. By adding too much power while turning, you will shock the rear tires, causing loss of grip. Thus, propelling the rear of the car to rotate around itself.

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