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How To Put Your Training Together On Track

The track is clear. Ready? Go! Go! Go!

You’re buckled in and ready to rock, right? You should be if you watched each episode of our inaugural season of Behind the Wheel. Now, it’s time to head out on track and begin to put everything you learned together, for some high speed laps. Let's Go! 

Putting It All Together On Track

  1. Build up momentum: Whether you're on track alone, with an instructor or other drivers, it's best to slowly build speed as you lap the track. Meaning, you and your vehicle will not be ready to go 10/10ths right out of the gates (assuming this is your first time on track ever, or that day). It's important to observe the track first, and get a feel for your car at lower speeds. Whether it's 1 lap or 5, run through the training in your head. Begin asking yourself: "Where are my reference points?", "Where are my braking zones?", and of course, "How can I maximize my speed on the straights?". As you begin to become more comfortable, progressively add speed. 
  2. Develop your angle of attack: As you begin to make your way from the outside, back inside and return to the outside of a turn you should start refining these points build speed and heat in your tires. Be vigilant and think through your turns as if you were moving at speed. 
  3. Prioritize: Much like your Mom's request to complete 'finish homework before you leave the house', you will need to work through the track in sections. By doing so, you can string together turns allowing you to be more efficient with your braking, and increase your odds of being in the proper position for your turn in/track out. 

Episode 1

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