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What’s included in my reservation?

All drivers / riders get a ticket to the car(s) you chose, 3 laps in each car on a World-Class Racetrack, a badass right-seat Pro Instructor, a 25 min Safety training class, and Pit Area access with tented waiting areas, photo ops, ice-cold waters and whatever jams we’re rockin’ out to that day!

Get more in-depth information with our FAQs below.

Can I do this if…? Rules, Regulations, Restrictions
(Age, License, Height, Weight, Language, Health and Safety)

Anyone who wants to experience the thrill of 500+ horsepower and blistering acceleration should do this experience! Our program is designed for guests with little to no track experience, and since our supercars are equipped with semi-automatic transmissions you don’t need to know how to drive stick!

Xtreme Xperience is for drivers age 18+ who hold a current and valid license. Anyone age 12+ and 54” tall can take a thrill ride*.

*Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL) and all New Jersey track locations require riders to be 18 years of age, due to state laws or track restrictions; non-negotiable.

You must be 18+ to feel the power behind the wheel.

If you’re age 12+ and at least 54” tall check out our Supercar Ride or High Speed Ride Along Options and get whipped around by a pro! Book the same as you would a drive, but don’t add insurance.

*Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL) and all New Jersey track locations require riders to be 18 years of age, due to state laws or track restrictions; non-negotiable.

To drive you need an up-to-date and valid Driver’s license, presented at check-in (US & International are accepted). Sorry guys & gals – no expired licenses, driving permits, suspended licenses, or restricted licenses.

Military IDs ARE accepted as we know your license may expire on base – we thank you for your service!

To drive, yes. You have an in-car instructor as your passenger so you’ll need to know English and understand his/her hand signals.

Don’t know English? Enjoy a Supercar Ride Along! Book the same as you would a drive, but don’t add insurance.

Each car has a different cabin space and a helmet adds a couple inches. Yes, you have to wear the helmet. Yes, we know NBA players own Lambos & can fit – but those are custom order. Xtreme Xperience cars are straight off the line, so our max height limitations are strict*:

  • Ferrari 488 GTB: 6’3”
  • Ferrari 458 Italia: 6’3”
  • Lamborghini Huracan: 6’2”
  • Audi R8: 6’3”
  • Porsche 911 GT3: 6’5” *MOST CABIN SPACE*
  • Nissan GT-R: 6’7” *MOST CABIN SPACE*

*Height is referenced in multiple areas on our website – refunds are NOT provided if you are too tall. Moving you to a new car puts our operations behind schedule and is inconvenient for other guests. Do not inquire about credits or refunds due to height.

I have pre-existing health conditions that could be distressed by G-Forces and high speeds, I’m pregnant, have high blood pressure, am prone to motion sickness, have heart/neck/back issues, or have had recent surgery or any medical condition which could be aggravated.

I need to opt for a ride if I have: prosthetic or casted arms, neck, legs, hands, or feet.

What happens if…?
(Refunds, Reschedules, Weather and Incidentals)

We’re sad to see you go, but we understand things come up! Your reservation is viewed as a “ticket” because we are holding a car, space, and time for you. All reservations / bookings / tickets / gift cards come with our 14-DAY REFUND GUARANTEE*. Within 14 calendar days of purchase you may receive a refund, minus a 5% bank processing fee. Refunds are not provided after 14 calendar days; non-negotiable.

*Please note the 14-DAY REFUND GUARANTEE is not applicable if your Event Day is within 14 days of the purchase date.

ALL refund requests MUST be submitted by email to info@xxspeed.com or processed directly by phone (866-273-7727) within the 14 calendar days; non-negotiable. Third Party purchasers are subject to third party refund terms and conditions. If no refund is applicable through the third party you may use the value paid as a credit for Xtreme Xperience.

We do our best to be “rain or shine” but sometimes Mother Nature tosses solid curve balls. Low track temps, heavy rain, snow, high winds, hurricane or tornado warnings, puddling, flooding, lightning, fog, or additional adverse weather / track conditions can force us to pause, postpone, or fully cancel hours or days.

  • How / When Will I Be Alerted?
    • You will receive a text alert and email to the information provided in your booking details, as soon as any hours or days have been cancelled. Postponements and cancellations can be in real-time. We try to make decisions more than 24 hours in advance, but the need to postpone can happen within your arrival hour.
  • Can I Get a Refund / Reschedule on Cancellations?
    • We assure you that EITHER a refund or reschedule option will be provided. This is a case-by-case basis depending on available track time, how you’ve purchased, and our Event Protect insurance company. If your time is cancelled and you cannot make the weekend-of reschedule a new option (refund or reschedule) and next-steps will be provided within 4-5 business days after the full event is over (usually Thurs / Fri).

Yup! This is your ticket to gift or sell as you see fit. Email or call us to change the driver / rider name. To help us avoid awkward situations, maybe let the original person know you made this change…thanks!

If you’re outside our 14-day purchase refund window there are reschedule options:

  • Your ticket must be used within 12 months from the date of your original booked date;
  • You can change your time, car, or day within your event weekend without penalty, up to 48 hours prior to your event day (car, date, & time subject to availability);
  • Outside 48 hours of your event day changing track locations OR event weekends (even at the same location) will result in a $50 fee (per car);
  • Within 48 hours of your event day any modification will result in a $100 fee (per car).

We don’t play the he-said, she-said game. ALL reschedule or transfer requests MUST be submitted by email to info@xxspeed.com or processed directly by phone (866-273-7727). Third Party purchasers are subject to third party refund terms and conditions. If no reschedule is applicable through the third party you may use the value paid as a credit for Xtreme Xperience.

We won’t lie – this depends on how busy we are. We have very specific contract times, sunset times, and noise ordinances – we’re a well oiled machine & the schedule is down to a science.

Classes start roughly 10-15 mins after your check-in time; if you miss your appointment we WILL do our best to accommodate your drive, but it may mean changing cars or moving to a later time that is available. If you completely miss class you can turn your drive into a ride-along or pay the $100 day-of reschedule fee to drive next time.
Call us at 866-273-7727, leave a voicemail, or send an email if you are late. Do NOT call the racetrack – we are separate entities – they cannot help you.

Yes. Trust us – we don’t enjoy making changes any more than you do. BUT, cars are machines that can have unscheduled mechanical / technical issues, weather is a beast that comes into play, and sometimes racetracks surprise us with noise ordinances or new contracted “hot” hours. This is why…

Cars, Track Locations, Event Dates, and Times are Subject to Change at the discretion of Xtreme Xperience. Xtreme Xperience, LLC reserves the right to modify bookings in the case your reserved vehicle is unavailable due to mechanical issues, or otherwise.

As a courtesy, notifications will be provided via your registration email whenever required changes are determined in advance. Xtreme Xperience’s decision to modify reservations (car/date/time) will not result in a refund; provided a comparable car is offered OR a reschedule date is offered within 12 months, and within 3 driving-hours of the original event location.

Also see our Weather Policy under “Rains, Snows, or dragons come to life and scorch a Ferrari”.

We want you to go fast, we want you to have all the fun, but we NEED you to be safe and maintain a responsibility level – so we can continue bringing these beautiful exotics to others who also want to experience them.

Your personal insurance (even an umbrella policy) does not cover our vehicles, or track experiences. This is not the same as a “rental”. If you wish to drive our cars you must select from one of these 3 policies (per 3-lap session – not per car / day):

  • Base Level = $39 ($20,000 coverage / $6,000 deductible)
  • Mid-Level = $69 ($85,000 coverage / $4,000 deductible)
  • Premium Level = $129 ($125,000 coverage / $2,000 deductible)

Check out the liability waivers before arriving:

In the event of an off, automatic cleaning and inspection fees may apply:

  • 2 wheels off: $200
  • 4 wheels off: $300
  • Vehicle contact with foreign object: $500
    (ie. cone, curb, debris, etc)

BE ADVISED: If an off occurs and fees are applied, we reserve the right to hold your driver’s license as collateral until all fees are settled.

Code of conduct
Damages and incidentals occurred in scenarios of reckless conduct or negligence are the responsibility of the participant per the Xtreme Xperience acceptance of liability insurance, release and waiver of liability, and assumption of risk and indemnity agreement forms that are required to be completed before program participation.

Every participant and must follow safety procedures determined by Xtreme Xperience. Xtreme Xperience reserves the right to interject or revoke a participant’s experience if all safety conditions are not met.

Can I…? Should I…? What if I…? (Misc. FAQs)

We KNOW this is why you’re here and we respect your need-for-speed. But you need to respect that every track is different and every person’s skill level is different. Speeds will vary and cannot be promised.

Our program is a strong 7/10 speed, bucket-list style experience. Most tracks allow you triple digit speeds on straights, 20-60MPH on turns, and you’ll definitely get the ultimate thrill of 0-60MPH within 2.9 to 3.4 seconds! We don’t govern the cars – but safety is no joke and our pros know what they’re doing. So listen to them when they tell you to “Brake, Brake, Brake!”

Heck yes you can! On our Tour guests can buy a $10 Pit Pass for entry to the “Pit Area”. This offers tented seating, closer photos ops, & waters – you can buy during booking or at the track. (Minors who are riding will be given 1 FREE pass for an adult to accompany. Kids 12* and under & anyone in a wheelchair is FREE.)

We travel & we don’t own the tracks – we have no control over what’s offered for free or Pit Area viewing, but we do our best to offer safety & comfort. Every track will have free areas – usually behind fence lines, not always close for photos, not always including seating.

*New Jersey Motorsports Park does NOT allow kids anyone under 18 into the Pit Area, per NJ State Law. There is a picnic table near the Pit & a bleacher area a 5-min walk away.

Negative ghost rider. The exotics are two-seat vehicles and you’ll have a pro in the passenger seat.

Interested riders should check out our Supercar Ride or High Speed Ride Along options and get whipped around by a pro! Book the same as you would a drive, but don’t add insurance. Must be age 12+ and a minimum of 54″ tall.

*Autobahn Country Club (Joliet, IL) and all New Jersey track locations require riders to be 18 years of age, due to state laws or track restrictions; non-negotiable.

No prob, Bob! Our mission is to get YOU in an exotic car, on a real racetrack. You’ll have a safety class ahead of time and a pro in the passenger seat, to help you when that adrenaline kicks in!

No worries, all our supercars are equipped with a semi-automatic transmission and drive just like your automatic car. If you understand how to shift, have track experience, and think you want to use the paddle shifters let your in-car instructor know – he/she will be happy to help you shift. Newbies BEWARE – paddles ain’t easy!

We’ve got your noggin covered, but you may wear your own helmet if it’s Snell SA2010 (or newer). Certified sticker must be visible and helmet must be inspected by an XX staff member. M-rated helmets are a no-go.

Yup. If you want private track time for you and yours check out our Groups Page. If you booked a public ticket there can be 3-7 cars on track with you. For safety we provide roughly 5 car lengths between each car as much as we can.

As long as you and the track are safe, have at it. Passing is allowed and will be discussed during your classroom session. Be wary of ego though, passes must be coordinated and approved by in-car instructors only. Passing is not promised and can’t happen at every track.

That’s awesome! We respect your experience level and love that you’re joining us, but we can’t alter our program just for you. Tell your in-car instructor that you have experience and ask to be placed in the front of the pack, they will do what they can. Respect that this will remain a 7/10 speed, lead-follow program.

If you can join us in New Orleans consider our Supercar Academy, which is a day-long program that could cater more to your bad-assery!

When Booking…

Abso-freaking-lutely! Our system lets you add multiple people for the same car (just change the no. of participants). If you want to add different cars for you or friends & family there is an option to add more for $50 off, before checking out.

For bookings 3+ it might be best to let an XX Rep help you out – call 866-273-7727.

If you’re a badass who wants to take on the same car for more than 3 laps, have at it! All groups run 3 laps (4 at NOLA) & we require you pit after each session; but you can reserve multiple spaces for yourself, in the same car, at the same check-in time. You’ll stay in the car with the same instructor, so after a brief 3-5 min cool down you can head back out for 3 more laps!

We HIGHLY recommend booking months in advance, especially for our Tour. There is limited space per car, per hour and our events sell out quickly. You’re welcome to Walk-Up to a Tour event or our NOLA location but you could risk having little to no choice of car or time.

If this is a gift make an educated guess and call us before the event if your recipient wants to try and change things around – we will do what we can to get them what they desire. Also consider the gift card route.

If you’ve made the choice for them, you can print a Gift Voucher here.

We’re sorry to say, no waiting list at this time. Availability is in real-time & we can’t open spaces. We encourage you to select your 2nd choice. Sometimes people cancel or reschedule the week of the experience, so check back the week of, or ask us at-track. If something has opened we are happy to move things around.

Xtreme Xtras

Heck yea, give the gift of speed! Gift certificates can be purchased online and will be mailed via USPS, within 7 business days. If you would rather have an email voucher let us know, we can email opposed to mail. Vouchers are good for 5 years and can be used at any XX track location.

You can also print general Gift Vouchers here.

You can always buy fun add-ons at the track (cash or credit) but if you’re the type who loves to come prepared you would like to purchase here and bring your confirmation with you!

Buy merch here (some items not sold at-track).

We truly apologize if a video isn’t present on your USB, sometimes tech errors take place. We have a back-up system in the cars so hopefully we can locate this footage for you. Email us at Info@XXSpeed.com and answer the following questions, as it will help us locate the right video:

  1. What car did you drive? Please include the car color or number as seen on the windows.
  2. Do you know what date/time you physically drove, or what group you were in?
  3. Do you remember your instructor’s name?
  4. Please attach a photo of yourself from the day’s event (this is the most helpful for us to locate your video). If you don’t have a photo from the day provide any photo of your face, and a description of what you were wearing that day.

Our Media team is part of the traveling Tour; please allow 7-14 business days to locate your footage and transfer the file to you. We greatly appreciate your patience!

Due to the nature of our business, this is our current policy on corrupted or lost videos. This policy is listed in your confirmation email, laminated at check-in, and visible at check-out:

Xtreme Xperience cannot be held accountable for any technology-related issues that may result in a failed or corrupt video session. The purchase of a package with “unlimited videos” entitles the buyer to at least one (1) video. Xtreme Xperience will provide reimbursement to the buyer only when a malfunction does not produce at least one (1) video. If purchase was part of a bundled or discounted package offer (ex: Full Throttle package) a percentage (for the video not received) will be refunded. A non-recorded video will not result in a free drive or refunded drive. No refund will be issued if the USB is lost or damaged.

Sorry guys – liability woes say no. Personal cameras have the chance of falling, so they can’t be mounted or attached to the vehicle, driver, or rider. Drones aren’t usually allowed per Racetrack rules, but would also be distracting to other drivers or could fall on a car. But you’re in luck – we sell a video package!

If you still have questions that were not addressed here, feel free to call us at 866-273-7727, Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6:30pm CST. During event weekends we are available from 8am-3pm local time.