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Rules & Regulations – Age, Height/Weight, Health/Safety
At Xtreme Xperience You’re in the Driver’s Seat, but only if you’re at least 18 years old. If younger than 18 you may participate in a ride-along and have an XX pro whip you around the road course. Ride along participants must be 12 years or older AND at least 54 inches; you must meet both restrictions to ride. A parental consent waiver must be signed if riders are under 18.

*Ride Along participants attending Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL, Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ, or New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ must be 18 or older due to track specific guidelines.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

We require that each participant present a valid Driver’s License at check-in.

  • License must be valid to date. If your Driver’s License is expired this may result in loss of your Driving Xperience.
  • If your license was taken as bond due to a traffic violation, we do not accept the written ticket in place of your Driver’s License.
  • If visiting us from another country, we ACCEPT International Driver’s Licenses. Same rules above still apply.
  • State ID’s may be utilized to verify age for RIDE ALONG participants only at tracks with strict 18+ policies. See “Age Restrictions to Drive or Ride” for more information.

Due to the build of the vehicles, we recommend all drivers be at or under 6’8” and 350lbs. Certain cars have tighter cabin spaces so we recommend no height over the following:

  • Ferrari 458 Italia: 6’3″
  • Ferrar F430: 6’4″
  • Lamborghini LP560: 6’2”
  • Lamborghini Huracán: 6’2″
  • McLaren 570S: 6’4″
  • Nissan GT-R: 6’8”
  • Porsche 911 GT3: 6’5″

  • Due to exposure of forces and speeds that may cause distress or injury to persons with pre-existing health conditions, only guests in good health should participate in driving or ride-along experiences.
  • Do not ride or drive if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, are prone to motion sickness, have heart/neck/back issues, or have had recent surgery or any medical condition that could be aggravated by the forces of this experience.
  • Prosthetic legs or casted arms, neck, legs, or feet are not permitted during driving or ride-along Xperiences.
  • For your safety, Drivers must be able to speak English or clearly understand instructor hand signals. Any non-English speaking or deaf persons must provide a personal translator and demonstrate understanding of hand signals, before driving.

  • For your safety, Snell SA2010 helmets will be provided by Xtreme Xperience and required by all drivers and passengers.
  • If you would like to use your own helmet it must have Snell SA2005 or SA2010 certification, and the sticker must be visible. Motorcycle helmets are not permitted.

  • Damages and incidentals occurred in scenarios of reckless conduct or negligence are the responsibility of the participant per the Xtreme Xperience acceptance of liability insurance, release and waiver of liability, and assumption of risk and indemnity agreement forms that are required to be completed before program participation.
  • Every participant must follow safety procedures determined by Xtreme Xperience. Xtreme Xperience reserves the right to interject or revoke a participant’s experience if all safety conditions are not met.
  • *Reservation changes must be made by an Xtreme Xperience Customer Service employee (773-492-8888). Xtreme Xperience LLC reserves the right to alter these policies at any time.

The Xperience – Laps, Pricing, Transmissions, Speeds

  • Every Xperience is a 3-lap session, so every time you make a reservation it is for one 3-lap session.
  • If you would like to drive or ride in the same car for more than 3 laps please reserve multiple spots within the same hour. You will be allowed to stay in your vehicle for another 3+ laps, but you will have to pit for a moment after each 3-lap session.

  • Driving and riding Xperiences are the same price for each 3-lap session; prices start as low as $219
  • If driving, you will need to purchase one of our insurance packages (outlined in “Reservations”). Insurance is not part of the Driving Xperience price.
  • We often run promotional specials in each area we visit. Please call 866-273-7727 or visit us on Facebook to learn more about promotional offers.

  • Whether You’re in the Driver’s Seat or on a ride-along there will be a professional instructor in the vehicle, to help maximize your experience and enhance safety. Each supercar has only two seats; therefore friends and family members cannot ride along with you.

  • All Xtreme Xperience vehicles are equipped with semi-automatic transmissions which means that they can be run in full automatic or with paddle shifters.
  • You DO NOT need to know how to drive a manual vehicle.

  • Xtreme Xperience provides a Premier Supercar Xperience; it is a high-speed track experience but it is not a racing experience. Speed will depend on both the racetrack and the driver’s ability.
  • We drive some of the top road course racetracks in the US, with straights from 1000 to 3500 ft. You will have the opportunity to hit triple digits (100+mph) at full speed, before needing to break into a turn. This opportunity is based, once again, on specific track and driver’s skill level.
  • During acceleration these cars will go 0-60mph in roughly 4 seconds or less (passenger cars take around 10 seconds). Your drive will not only include straight line speeds, but cornering at 40-80mph; much faster than a street, touring, or autocross experience.
  • In a straight line, on an open runway, each of our supercars will go 200mph. Our Xperience is not a runway or drag strip experience.

Event Days – Schedule, What to Bring, Spectators

  • Your booking time IS your ARRIVAL TIME; there is no need to arrive early to check in & attend the driver’s briefing (this is built in). Please plan on spending 2 hours with us from start to finish.

  • Your instructional class is approximately 25-30 minutes long. Think: Real Supercars. Real Racetracks. Real Instruction. During orientation you will receive professional information about the cars you will be experiencing, the road course racetrack you will be driving/riding, and you will learn basic racing fundamentals and safety.

  • Your booking time IS your ARRIVAL TIME. This means your first hour with us is meant for checking in, adding extras and attending your driver’s briefing. Your Supercar Xperience will happen during the second hour you’re with us – there is a small group of people per car, per hour, so you will enjoy your Xperience within this hour.
  • One-car participants can expect to complete the Xperience (start to finish) within two hours from your arrival.
  • More track time means just that; if you choose to Xperience more than one car you can expect to be with us for more than two hours.

  • Drivers must bring a valid driver’s license and wear closed-toed shoes. No open-toed sandals or high heels are permitted when driving.
  • Please be able to show a copy of your Xtreme Xperience confirmation, either in print or on your mobile phone.
  • Deal-site purchasers: Vouchers (Groupon, Living Social, etc.) must be shown and redeemed at event check-in, either in print or on your mobile phone. If you are giving this item as a gift be sure your recipient has access to and knows to bring their deal-site voucher.

  • We love sharing our Xperience with everyone, and we know you want to as well! Spectators are more than welcome to join you, at no extra cost from XX. Your friends and family members can watch and enjoy the Xperience with you from a few safe designated viewing areas.
  • If spectators want to get close to the action and smell the high-octane fumes of a Ferrari, we offer a VIP Pit Pass which is set up in the pit with a VIP tent, seating and close-up photo ops. Pit passes are $15 for adults and kids 10 and under are free.

  • All drivers must wear closed-toed shoes. No sandals, flip flops or high heels are permitted when driving.
  • Some racetracks we visit have a strict dress code that our staff & attendees must adhere to.
    • Raceway Park Englishtown and New Jersey Motorsports Park
      • Anyone participating or spectating must have closed-toed shoes. Within the PIT AREA you must wear long pants, short sleeves are okay (no sleeveless). If you are spectating from OUTSIDE THE PIT AREA, you may wear shorts and short sleeves (no sleeveless). If you are not adhering to Raceway Park’s dress code you will not be allowed to enter the facility. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • If you have questions about your event day, need directions to the track, or are running late the day of the event please call us at 866-273-7727. DO NOT CALL THE RACETRACK – They cannot help you with your reservation. We are available Monday – Friday, 9am-6pm; during event weekends we are available from 8am-3pm local time.

Xtreme Xtras
Worried you won’t get enough? We always bring extra supercars so enthusiastic participants may drive or ride again! Cars are always subject to availability so we recommend making a reservation beforehand.
Capture your supercar moments with professional photo opportunities. Digital and print versions are available for purchase during online reservation and at events, via cash or credit. Visit our Event Photos for examples.
Record your Supercar Xperience in HD! We’ve mounted two cameras and a microphone inside our supercars to capture the excitement of driving on a racetrack at 100+mph! Video packages are available during online reservation and at events, via cash or credit. Videos must be purchased before you drive/ride. Visit our YouTube channel for examples, and see the “Photos and Videos” section for more package information.

  • Personal Go-Pro Cameras: If you purchased a video package from Xtreme Xperience you may use your own Go-Pro or sports camera INSIDE the car. We DO NOT allow the use of cameras on the exterior of the vehicles. In the essence of keeping our events on schedule attaching your personal camera inside the car is at the discretion of the Pit Manager.

Xtreme Xperience t-shirts, polo-shirts, and jackets will be on display and available for purchase at track events.
Friends and family may enjoy a specialty shaded tent area with seating right next to pit lane, where all the action takes place! This is the best spot for personal photos and videos, and only those with VIP Pit Pass may take personal cameras beyond registration.
Reservations, Insurance & Waivers

  • Reservations are required for all riding and driving experiences. Cars are subject to availability, are filled on a first come first serve basis, and our website updates in real-time.
  • Cars, dates, and times are subject to change without notice. Xtreme Xperience LLC reserves the right to modify the bookings depending on availability or to ensure the safety of participants. As a courtesy, notifications will be provided via email if changes are known more than 48 hours before the event date. Car, date, time changes due to unforeseen circumstances do not qualify for refund.
  • Reservations are non-refundable. Please view our “Cancellations & Reschedules” section for more details.

  • All purchases through Xtreme Xperience and deal sites advertise at least four original cars per event. These cars are subject to availability and require reservation.
  • Availability on our website is in real-time. If the car you want to drive is booked we cannot open more spots, so please check availability and schedules before making your purchase.
  • Any addition of extra cars per event is at the discretion of Xtreme Xperience, and may not be valid for promotion codes and deal site purchases. This includes the addition of a “second” Lamborghini or Ferrari, higher priced vehicles, and special packages such as the Lamborghini Huracán or Three-Car Xperience.

  • If you would like to drive, Xtreme Xperience track insurance is mandatory. Your personal insurance policy will not cover your XX drive.
  • Insurance is per drive (3-lap session), not per person or per vehicle.
  • On event day you will need to sign a track insurance waiver. This is your contract with Xtreme Xperience and it guarantees the understanding that you, as a driver, have a level of responsibility to safety on the racetrack. See the waiver HERE.
  • IF A MINOR BETWEEN AGES 12-17 IS ATTENDING, whether they are participating or spectating, they must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian. Please sign, print and bring this waiver to your event day. See the waiver HERE.
  • Do not ride or drive if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, are prone to motion sickness, have heart/neck/back issues, or have had recent surgery or any medical condition that could be aggravated by the forces of this experience.
  • Track insurance covers the vehicles (which are privately insured) as well as the racetrack, and possible injury.
  • Some specialty packages such as the Three-Car Xperience may include the base insurance.

Insurance packages are personal preference and only the minimum package is required to drive.

  • For your safety, Snell SA2010 helmets will be provided by Xtreme Xperience and required by all drivers and passengers.
  • $39 includes: $50,000 coverage, $5000 deductible
  • $59 includes: $85,000 coverage, $3000 deductible
  • $129 includes: $200,000 coverage, $1000 deductible
  • See what the cars are worth, here.

Cancellations & Reschedules

  • Cars, dates, and times are subject to change without notice. Xtreme Xperience LLC reserves the right to modify the bookings depending on availability or to ensure the safety of participants. As a courtesy, notifications will be provided via email if changes are known more than 48 hours before the event date. Car, date, or time changes due to unforeseen circumstances do not qualify for refund.
  • Xtreme Xperience reservations and gift-cards are non-refundable. Your experience is valid for one (1) year (12 months) from the date of purchase, gift-cards are valid for five (5) years from the date of purchase.
  • Once a date has been reserved, and during the validity period, you may reschedule or switch vehicles within the same track event dates:
    • Until the date of the experience, at no charge;
    • On the day of the experience, or in case of a no-show, for a $100 fee
  • Once a date has been reserved, and during the validity period, you may reschedule and transfer to a different track location or separate event dates:
    • Until 14 business days prior to the event date, for a $25 transfer fee;
    • Within 14 business days of the event, for a $50 transfer fee;
    • On the day of the experience, or in case of a no-show, for a $100 transfer fee
  • *Changes must be made by an Xtreme Xperience Customer Service employee (773-492-8888). Xtreme Xperience LLC reserves the right to alter these policies at any time.
  • Third Party purchasers (deal sites such as Groupon, Living Social, etc) are subject to their refund terms and conditions. If no refund is applicable through the third party you may reschedule within 1 year (12 months) for a $50 fee. If your coupon is older than 1 year (12 months) you may use the value paid as a credit for Xtreme Xperience.

  • Xtreme Xperience LLC (XX) provides rain or shine experiences, please check the weather and dress accordingly.
  • If track conditions are deemed unsafe due to severe weather XX reserves the right to postpone an event. Participants will be contacted via email for the original alert and the rescheduling procedures.
  • XX has up to twelve (12) months to provide a reschedule date. Cash refunds will not be issued in the event of a weather postponement, regardless if the purchase was made via Xtreme Xperience LLC or a third party.
  • If your event has been rescheduled within a 12-month period but you cannot attend the reschedule you may take a voucher and reserve a spot at another track location, at no additional cost. Please call 866-273-7727 for assistance.

Photo & Video Options

  • Your video is on the USB Drive you purchased from Xtreme Xperience. To watch your video you will need to transfer the file to your computer. Click here to learn how to transfer a file.
  • Once the file is attached to the card reader or transferred to your computer you may upload it to your Facebook or Youtube account. (How-to: Facebook. How-to: YouTube).

Cameras are installed in each vehicle as a courtesy, in attempts to record your rides or drives. Working with high technology such as Racekeeper sometimes unfortunate mishaps take place and videos might not record to the USBs, or can be corrupted.

  • If a video is present (over 500MB) but will not play, it is likely corrupted and fixable. Please email us at Info@XXSpeed.com with screenshots of your USB folders, so we can assist in recovering your footage. Videos can take up to 2 weeks to fix, we thank you for your patience.

  • If a video did not record to the USB (or a corrupted video cannot be fixed) we apologize and are sympathetic, but this footage cannot be recovered. Please contact us at Info@xxspeed.com to discuss a solution. A non-recorded video will not result in a free drive session or a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Note to Apple Macintosh Users
    Thank you for using Race-Keeper Instant Video. Race-Keeper Instant Video is a Windows PC application but there are numerous options to play Race-Keeper Instant Video on a Macintosh. *Because Race Keeper does not yet have an export interface for Mac, uploading to Youtube or social media sites is unavailable. A solution will be available over the next few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Macintosh – Using a Media Player to Play the Videos
    You can view your raw videos using VLC, a free media player available at www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html. To use the media player, attach your USB stick or SD card to your Mac and open the folder(s) containing your video file(s) (e.g., 5148_20110226_204924_909). Use VLC media player to open the video.avi file(s).
  • Macintosh – Operating Windows in a Virtual Macintosh Environment
    You can operate Windows on a Mac by creating a virtual Windows PC within the Mac operating system. Using an application like Parallels or VMware Fusion gives you the power to run Windows as a separate application within the Mac operating system. Please see www.parallels.com or vmware.com/products/fusion for more information. Note: If you install Parallels or VMware, please enable ‘Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics’ in the settings for the virtual PC.
  • Macintosh – Operating Windows on a Macintosh Hard Disk Partition
    You can also operate Windows on a Mac by creating a partition for the Windows operating system on your Mac hard drive.Boot Camp is an Apple utility included with Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” and v10.6 “Snow Leopard” operating systems that assists users in setting up a hard drive partition for installing Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 on Macintosh computers.After installing Boot Camp, your Mac will be a dual boot machine; when you turn on your Mac, choose either Macintosh or Windows. Please see Apple’s www.apple.com/findouthow/mac/#windowsmac video for more information on Boot Camp.

  • Windows PC – Export Your Videos
    Race-Keeper Instant Video is delivered with an export interface that gives you the power to export all or part of your video(s). If you have access to a Windows PC, you can use the export capability to export your video(s) as .mpg files, including all data overlays (e.g., course map, gauges, logos). Race-Keeper’s .mpg files are compatible with your Mac’s video player.

  • Repairing Badly Ended Track Sessions
    • Race-Keeper Instant Video’s media player requires that track sessions be properly ended; i.e., when recording video, the files need to be closed by the software before removing the media (USB stick).
    • If media is removed from the on-board video data system before the system is allowed to properly close all video files, the video file will be impaired and will not properly play in Race-Keeper Instant Video.
  • Are There Any Badly Ended Track Sessions on Your Media?
    • Properly ended track sessions will display the date, time and length of video when you place your mouse over the play button for the properly ended track session.
    • Badly ended track sessions will display the date and time but the length of video will be identified as 0:00 (because the video file cannot properly identify the end of the file). If you attempt to play a badly ended track session, the play button associated with the badly ended outing will briefly attempt to display the player and then revert to the page displaying the video play buttons.
  • Two Options to Repair Badly Ended Track Sessions
    • Change the File Extension of the Video File in the Track Session Folder
      When a track session is badly ended, its corresponding video file is appended with a file extension of .000; to repair the file, remove the .000 from the file name.
    • Open each track session folder (identified by series of numbers (e.g., 5148_20110226_204924_909) and located at the root directory of your USB stick or SD card)
    • Search for video.avi.000 file
    • Change video.avi.000 to video.avi (i.e., delete the “.000)
    • After you change the name of the video file, your badly ended track session will play from the Race-Keeper Instant Video interface.
  • Only Part of the Video Window is Visible
    • If your video window only plays part of the video window (e.g., a small box in the top left-hand corner), your PC’s video graphic drivers need to be updated.
    • To save costs and reduce battery usage, some prominent PC manufacturers have constructed their systems with Intel HD Graphics family video adapter built into the main Intel processor in lieu of more expensive dedicated graphics hardware. Initial software releases of the OEM version of the Intel HD Graphics family software have documented problems displaying video from many applications.
    • Intel has fixed its video driver issues and all releases on or subsequent to v8.15.10.2509 include the required bug fixes. However, some PCs currently shipping still include early versions of the Intel video driver.
    • If you experience issues displaying video, and in particular, video within Race-Keeper Instant Video, you will need to update your graphics drivers.
    • In order to update your drivers, it is recommended to use the Intel approved driver scanning tool; this will check the drivers currently installed. If any of your drivers are out of date this tool will inform you and update them. Go to this web page on the Intel Support page to detect your drivers and follow the recommended updates: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect
    • After downloading the recommended updated driver, unzip and double-click the .exe file, then follow the prompts. Please contact us at info@race-keeper.com if you need any assistance.

Promotions & Discounts

  • Please note that promotion codes are only valid on NEW reservations, MAY NOT be applied to past reservations or purchases and MAY NOT be combined with other offers or promotions. Some products and services including the Three-Car Package, various cars, and other Multi-Lap Packages may be excluded from promotions. Xtreme Xperience retains the right to change or modify discounts at any time.

If you still have questions that were not addressed here, feel free to call us at 866-273-7727, Monday – Friday 9am-6pm (CST). During event weekends we are available from 8am-3pm local time.