Add Some Horsepower to Your Instagram!

Our mission is to make supercars accessible to everyone. In the process, we have been fortunate enough to work with talented creators and social influencers who have one thing in common: 

- The desire to cross "drive a supercar" off of their bucket lists! 

Keep scrolling to find out what our partners have said about their time at the track with XX. 

Track Direction 

"Hit 160mph and 2 Gs of force under braking"

Josh Rubin (@trackdirection) is the ultimate enthusiast and XX veteran. Josh has traveled to several racetracks and has tracked the entire fleet! This time he tested his own limits on our 3,200 ft straightaway at NOLA Motorsports Park.

My View In Heels 

"Something I will never forget!"

Jaclyn of My View in Heels attended our event at Texas Motor Speedway to find out how the view from a Lamborghini compared to her view in heels. Read  more about Jaclyn's Xperience on her blog. 

A Lo Profile 

"Fun date and great gift idea."

Lauren and her husband needed to get creative for "Day time date." We synced up in Texas to show them how lunch laps in a supercar is the perfect option for adventures like Lauren and Charles. 

Kevin Lo

"Track Weapon of choice."

Kevin visited XX at the Streets of Willow Springs (CA) to find out if he can out-muscle the Ferrari 488 GTB on track. 

Boy Mom In Jeans

"One less item on the old bucket list…"

Jennifer brought her son and husband to the track for a bucket list experience her entire family will never forget. Visit Jennifer's blog to hear how her family track day unfolded. 

Gal About Town

"Living out all of my Fast & Furious dreams"

Lynlee channels her inner Danika Patrick while piloting a 600hp Lamborghini in her first ever track experience with Xtreme. 

Scott Mathison

"Pushing the Huracán to the limit!"

Scott's a Fitness professional and social influencer, who needed a new challenge for the day. Instead of testing his limits in the gym, he put his driving skills to the test at the track. 

Whitney Graham 

"Catch me if you can! "

Whitney Graham along with her friends stopped by to test their skills behind the wheel while they chased each other around the track. 

Emmy Bre

"I went 150mph in a Huracán! "

Emmy Bre partnered with Xtreme twice in 2018 to find her fast. She even surprised her Dad by bringing him to the track to cross "drive a supercar" off of his bucket list. 


"I have to do this again!"

DoctaM3 (aka Cody) has some of the hottest Lamborghinis in the game, and his followers recognize him/his supercars everywhere he goes. Lucky for XX, we visit his hometown track and have an opportunity to get him to Pitt Race for some fun with his supercars and ours.