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Xtreme Xperience COVID-19 Response

Aerial view of Autobahn Country Club

Updated: 3/24/20 POSTPONED – ATLANTA MOTORSPORTS PARK, APRIL 3-5, 2020 Updated: 3/17/20 For all new bookings, we have updated our reschedule and transfer policy to allow for free reschedules right up until your scheduled date….


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Gearing up for your Supercar Track Xperience on the Jefferson Circuit at Summit Point Raceway? Summit Point Raceway is an amazing facility, that we are fortunate enough to visit often. Thankfully for us all, we get…

There is No Substitute for Experience

Forget the reviews, experience a supercar for yourself – at the track. Managing our social channels is quite entertaining, to say the least. It’s a constant stream of digital high fives (which we love), as…

Why Traction Control is a Smart Thing to Leave ON

Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar UK tries a little experiment involving a Lamborghini Gallardo and their ESP Traction Control system. Like many cars today, you have the ability to turn the traction control on and off….