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Lux & Concord – June 9, 2016

lux and concord at xtreme xperience 2016

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and for those looking for a unique gift for dear ole dad, boy do I have an idea for you. I recently was able to try an Xtreme Xperience…

Father’s Day Supercar Sweepstakes

xtreme xperience father's day gift giveaway sweepstakes feature image

Win TWO Supercar Track Xperiences for Father’s Day! We know, we know… this sounds too good to be true. Guess what? It’s NOT! So pick your jaw up off of the floor, and get ready to…

How Experiential Gifts are the Best to Give

Experiential gifts are better than material gifts

Experiential gifts greatly influence your overall Happiness – one of the most researched, read about, and sought after ideals of our society. It’s what makes us try new things, meet new people, and even give the gifts…