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How to piss off a Bugatti owner – buy a Huracán!

photo lamborghini huracan xtreme xperience blog

The Lamborghini Huracán is THE most potent Supercar in our fleet. We knew that the Huracán was going to be something EPIC the moment it was announced. So special in fact, we made sure we bought two!…

Best Spoilers of the past 50 years

Spoilers never hurt anyone, except movie-goers. Whale tail, duck tail, wing – whatever you want to call it it’s a spoiler, a vital part of a sports car to increase downforce and add some flare….

Need For Speed Movie Trailer

Need For Speed Movie

The latest Need For Speed Movie trailer has just been released! The typical life of a car mechanic is nothing extravagant or luxurious, unless you’re Aaron Paul in 2014’s blockbuster Need For Speed. The movie,…