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XXTV Ep.2 – From the Chicago Auto Show

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XXTV brings you the best of the Chicago Auto Show 2016 We’re not sure who left the door unlocked, but we busted out of the office to spend the day at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. Did someone say, “FIELD TRIP”!!! We arrived with the one goal in mind: Find out who had the best in performance cars, for 2016…

SRT Viper Time Attack Unveiled at New York Auto Show

SRT Viper Time Attack Anodized Carbon Special Edition Package unveiled at the New York Auto Show

SRT unveils their Time Attack Anodized Carbon Special Edition Viper at the NY Auto Show. The SRT Viper is one of those supercars that doesn’t bow down to the competition. While other automakers and going with hybrid systems and those new age paddle gearboxes, the Viper holds true and only comes with a manual transmission…