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Top Gear’s James May Reviews the Ferrari 488GTB

photo ferrari 488 gtb and 458 italia

Just a few months ago, Ferrari revealed a replacement for the 458 Italia, known as the 488 GTB. If you are unfamiliar with the updated Italian berlinetta, check out our earlier blog on the 488 – here….

BMW M8 Rumors Leaking

BMW i8 Concept could be the start of the new M8

There’s been lots of talk around the new BMW i8 electric hybrid sports car. But despite its’ technical achievements and its’ futuristic styling and a motor charging out 362 electric ponies, this BMW may not…

Ferrari Celebrates 30 Years in Hong Kong

Ferrari Celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong

This year Ferrari celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong since they entered the market in 1983. So what does Ferrari do? They celebrate with a massive event for VIPs and a 600+ car gallery to…

Behind The Scenes With The Ferrari 458 Speciale

A few weeks ago Ferrari released their promotional video for the 458 Speciale, the next generation of the 458 Italia. They have been giving this car a lot of attention, and building up the hype,…

Ferrari’s 458 Speciale Teaser Video Release

Ferrari has released their 458 Speciale trailer, and my god is it exhilarating! The 458 Speciale is a special edition of the already amazing 458 Italia designed by Pinanfarina & Ferrari’s Formula One team. This…

Why You Need to Xperience Supercars in Your Life

Here at Xtreme Xperience, we’re all about putting you into the Supercar of your dreams and making it a reality. These cars are works of art and built to incite the deepest of our emotions….

Saleen’s Back With New Supercar by 2015

Founder and CEO Steve Saleen was quoted recently stating that the company will unveil a new supercar within the next two years. It will serve as the successor to the powerful S7. In 2008, Saleen…

Ferrari 458 Italia & 599 GTO In The Spotlight

Who doesn’t love high quality photoshoots with supercars? No one, exactly. From the posters we had on our walls as kids to our desktop wallpapers we have on our laptops now, professional grade photographs of…