Right now you're probably thinking, "what is Xtreme Xperience and why did my friend share this with me?" Great question newbie!

Simply put, we make exotic cars accessible and allow YOU the opportunity to DRIVE them on REAL RACETRACKS across the nation. So what do you say? Want to join your friend for the Xperience of a lifetime?

Exotic cars aren't just for millionaires anymore.


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What We're All About...

Real Supercars


Adventurer, enthusiast, dreamer, gift giver... no matter who you are there is nothing like experiencing an exotic car on a racetrack! They're the essence of luxury, dripping with seductive curves and thrilling loud engines. From Lamborghini to Ferrari and many more in between, you can fulfill your fantasy at a track near you. 

  • Acura NSX
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Ferrari 458
  • Porsche 911 gt3
  • Lamborghini LP560
  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Audi R8 V10


Available @ NOLA Motorsports Park and NCM Motorsports Park exclusively

Just when you thought you knew what it was like to Xperience a ‘Vette on track, Grand Sport (GS) kicks it up a notch. This version not only gets a custom kit, but it’s a perfect blend of Stingray and Z06. The best part, is it’s focused for track based performance. It grabs brakes, tires, and magnetic ride control from the Z06, it even pays homage to the 1963 GS, with it’s 6.2L V8. That’s all motor baby! Who’s ready to put this ‘Vette to work on the track?

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Take advantage of $25 OFF your Xperience!

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Experience your dream cars where they were meant to be driven, on real racetracks. With 20+ events at 15 racetracks across the US you're sure to find us at a track near you. From east to west, our touring fleet of supercars travels the nation to offer you the Premier Exotic Car Driving Experience. 

Real racetracks


Tracking an exotic car is the only way to experience its true potential. But not everyone understands the fundamentals of driving on a racetrack. That's why we provide you with a professional instructor whose goal is to help you drive the racing line, brake, corner and accelerate at just the right time to achieve optimum speeds.

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Take advantage of $25 OFF your Xperience

Use Code 'XX101P3'

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Total Awesome! Loved it! Bucket List! How often do you get to drive supercars around the race track and the instructor pushing you to drive it harder? I will definitely do it again. Worth every penny!"

Kevin M. 

The crew at Xtreme are amazing! They are a cohesive, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable team that makes the whole experience truly awesome. My husband had an awesome birthday and we look forward to seeing everyone (and the cars!) again."

Nancy W. 

I surprised my husband with this for his 40th birthday. He loves super cars and driving and watches lots of Top Gear. He absolutely loved it. I definitely recommend for a driving / car enthusiast. I also had a blast watching."

Jennifer T. 
New Orleans

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