Ferrari Celebrates 30 Years in Hong Kong

Ferrari Celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong

This year Ferrari celebrates 30 years in Hong Kong since they entered the market in 1983. So what does Ferrari do? They celebrate with a massive event for VIPs and a 600+ car gallery to drool over! To kick off the event the more than 600 Ferrari’s were arranged to form the characteristic symbol of Hong Kong. A five-petal flower called the Bauhinia Blakeana enclosed by hundreds of Ferrari Rossos.

The gala event had over 2,000 guests in attendance along with Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo. For the event Ferrari decided to bring out all the generations including the rare 195 Inter, 365 GTC, and even the infamous Dino. But its’ not a true gala event with Ferrari unless you’ve got a smattering of the new stuff. The 458 Challenge race car, 599XX and FXX Evoluzione made appearances as well as the star of the show, the 458 Speciale.

“It’s true that China is a relatively new market, where we are now present with thirty dealerships, and with a big margin for growth, but this year we want to maintain sales at those of last year,” di Montezemolo said at the event. (sourced from Motor Authority)

Check out the event recap video here!

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