Why a Turbocharger Can Make All the Difference


Turbochargers can be seen in many different models of cars. From turbo diesels to sports cars, they improve your engine’s output and the overall performance of your car significantly. Like in our Porsche 911 Turbo (hence the name) its’ engine has a twin turbo system which doubles its effectiveness.


A turbocharger uses the car’s exhaust output to spin a turbine which draws in cold air and forces that air into the combustion chamber, thus making more power. To help you understand exactly how a turbocharger works this youtube rendering will show you one in action & the parts that make it run.

Supercharges do a similar task of forcing air into the engine, but they use a pully attached to the engine’s crankshaft to spin the turbines, thus forcing more air into the engine and making more power.