Saleen’s Back With New Supercar by 2015


Founder and CEO Steve Saleen was quoted recently stating that the company will unveil a new supercar within the next two years. It will serve as the successor to the powerful S7.

In 2008, Saleen released a concept car titled the S5S Raptor that never saw the production floor due to the resignation of Steve Saleen from the company. After running into some financial troubles, Steve eventually bought back the company and that sale is being finalized this year.

The S5S concept was designed with a mid-mounted 5.0-liter V8, and supercharged to a blistering 650 horsepower, like most Lamborghini style concepts we’ve seen over the years.

Now that the company is back in rightful hands, Steve plans to develop a new concept to rival the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia and McLaren’s MP4-12C.

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Source: Motor Authority