Museo Lamborghini Virtual Tour by Google

Museo Lamborghini at Sant'Agata Bolognese

Lamborghini, one of the most iconic and extreme car makers ever, has teamed up with Google to bring their Sant’Agata Museo Lamborghini to you! 50 years of Lamborghini history on two stunning showroom floors. Sit back and take a tour of the museum for as long as you want and check out their collection of exotics, classics, prototypes and race cars and engines from through out the years.

Museo Lamborghini Virtual Tour
(Click on the Museum Photo in the sidebar of Google Maps to Start tour)

The showroom floor houses their fleet from the new Reventon and Sesto Elemento, to their history of race cars. Also on the floor is a reproduction concept model of the Miura, a Gallardo split cockpit concept, and the original Lamborghini SUV that looks closely related to the likes of a Hummer.

If a trip to the museum isn’t an option, this is the next best way to experience the thrill of seeing Lamborghini’s history all in one building.

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