LaFerrari Soon to Challenge Porsche 918 at the Ring


Although we’ve seen Ferrari’s new thoroughbred spied at the ring before, and at their own test track at Fiorano, it seems that there are still some more tests that need to be done. Ferrari has talked a lot about the specifications of the car but they’ve always put it in terms of “more than” or “about,” nothing rock solid.

As we see though the Supercar being tested is practically identical to the version that was released at the Geneva motoring show earlier this year, just with some extra fancy camouflage. No record setting laps just yet from the 950hp hybrid, but seeing this makes us wonder if it will actually be able to beat the 918’s time of 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

With a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds, top speeds well into the 200’s (expected around 230 mph), and a 0-186 mph sprint under 15 seconds it will be exciting to see what happens in the coming months. Will Ferrari beat Porsche for the record around the Nurburgring? Or will the 918’s time hold its’ ground? Only one way to find out.