Gearing up for Autobahn & Our GT-R


Exciting news! Over the weekend we accepted delivery of our Nissan GT-R Premium which is just in time
for all of you GT-R fanatics! This thing is prepped and ready to go, waiting for you to take the drivers seat and power through the track like no other car can. There are still some spots available to drive this weekend in all of our cars too, reserve here at


You can read up on the GT-R’s stats here:

As we begin to pack up for Autobahn Country Club in Joliet this weekend we’d like to send out some last minute reminders.

  • Drivers must bring a valid driver’s license and wear closed-toed shoes. If you purchased a deal voucher please print a copy and bring it with you to registration.
  • You will be required to attend an Orientation session. It is approx 20-25 minutes long. So arrive about 45 minutes prior to your drive time to check in and attend the session and be prepared to drive on time.
  • Professional photo and video packages will be available for cash or credit at the event. For video, you can purchase an SD card to record your in-car “Xperience” on an HD GoPro Hero camera.
  • Remember, safety first. Our goal is to provide you with the Premiere Driving Xperience and we do that through a “Pro Instruction” mantra.

Our events are open to everyone so feel free to bring along family & friends to join!

Make sure to double check your directions. Because of its location Autobahn can be somewhat of a confusing drive. Google’s directions are correct and will be your best guide. Autobahn Country Club is located at:
3795 Centerpoint Way, Joliet, IL 60436

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