Ferrari’s New 458 Speciale Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013


Ferrari has just released photos of their newest edition to the 458 lineage, the 458 Speciale.
This new version will pack the most powerful 4.5 liter V8 engine ever in production car history without a turbocharger. It’s gained an extra 35 hp from the standard 458 and boasts a womping 605 hp at 9000 rpm. And with a power-to-weight ratio of 463 hp/ton, the 458 Speciale has passed McLaren’s MP4-12C and its 459 hp/ton.

Ferrari has also developed a new control system aptly called “Side Slip-Angle Control” that will make it easier for drivers to control the car when going sideways in a turn. So feel free to pull of that heroic oversteer move you love so much.


With some help from Pininfarina, they have designed the body of the car to be as efficient as ever at cutting through the air to maximize the car’s power. According to Ferrari, because of this the 458 Speciale has knocked off 1.5 seconds from the standard 458’s 1:25.00 around their test track.

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Source: GT Spirit