Ferrari’s 458 Speciale Teaser Video Release


Ferrari has released their 458 Speciale trailer, and my god is it exhilarating! The 458 Speciale is a special edition of the already amazing 458 Italia designed by Pinanfarina & Ferrari’s Formula One team.

This is the first time seeing the Speciale in action and we actually get a glimpse of its’ diffusers deforming to the wind to increase down-force on the front end. Although pricing of the 458 Speciale has yet to be released, we’re expecting this 597hp edition to be upwards of $425,000 considering Ferrari’s pricing history and released sometime next year.

Of course a video can never do it justice compared to actually driving a 458. Just so happens we’ve got one in our fleet! Ferrari’s pinnacle of performance is something you’ve got to Xperience for yourself!