Ferrari 458 Italia & 599 GTO In The Spotlight


Who doesn’t love high quality photoshoots with supercars? No one, exactly. From the posters we had on our walls as kids to our desktop wallpapers we have on our laptops now, professional grade photographs of cars has been a staple in society… and we love them.


Canadian photographer Marcel Lech got the opportunity to photograph Reiko Mackenzie’s Ferrari 599 GTO & 458 Italia. Most notably known for staring in Canada’s hit show The Real Housewives of Vancouver, Reiko has been know as the biggest female car enthusiast in town. Opting to take mechanics classes instead of home economics in high school she developed a passion for finely tuned engines.

Seeing how we’ll be bringing our 458 to Autobahn Country Club this weekend, we thought it was only fair to give you some background on this Italian Stallion.

The 458 pushes out 562 horsepower from its 4.5 liter V8 engine and will hit a blistering 202 mph, given enough space. It was designed as the successor to the F430, but arises as a totally new design incorporating technologies developed by Ferrari’s Formula 1 team. Designed by Pininfarina, the aerodynamics on the 458 are all carefully developed to create 309 lbs of downforce at 124 mph. This includes the whiskers in the front end which are deformable to offer even more downforce and reduce drag at high speeds. Since its debut in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ferrari has begun offering the 458 in a coupe as well as a spider model.


Check out some more of Marcel’s photographs of the Ferrari 458!

img_6550 img_6570

Source: GT Spirit