A W-16 Engine With 1,200 Horsepower… And It’s Not a Bugatti


Australian entrepreneur Paul Halstead envisions to join the legacy of Horacio Pagani and Christain Von Koenigsegg with his brave endeavor to create the next Must Have Supercar.


HAL Automotive Design & Engineering Firm is currently at the adolescence stage. They intend to take the LS7 engine from the Corvette Zo6… I mean TWO LS7 engines from the Z06 and mash them together. And instead of merging the two and forming a single crankshaft, Halstead says that a “trick” transfer case will allow the two crankshafts to match up seamlessly with the single six-speed sequential gearbox.


The unnamed supercar is estimated to be completed in time for the 2016 Detroit Autorama hot rod event, where Halstead plans to unveil his creation.


Source Material: Motor Authority