Tune In Tuesdays: We kickoff our vlog at a sold out Chicago event


We sold out our hometown event, and take you behind the scenes of our premiere episode of XXTV. 

We’re headed back to Autobahn Country Club for the first time this year, which means it’s our homecoming event. As we began to prepare for the weekend, we were told that we hit a new record for the number of drives booked at a single event. That number was over 1,100, and our minds were blown! We knew we wanted to get our entire team to the track, in order to lend a hand as documented the entire trip. 

As quickly as we began to plan this vlog, the team started shared stories of what our 1st event looked like, in comparison to the size and scale of our 2017 event that sat on the horizon. From spray painted lines in the pits, and convertible Lambos on track, we now have a fleet of fourteen cars, three semi-trucks, and a team of 20+ rock stars. The way the program looked then versus now is simply, night and day. Check it out. 

xtreme xperience fleet in pits of autobahn country club event

In fact, even if you visited us at the track last year, there’s a chance that things have changed quite a bit. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving the program, all based on your suggestions. When it’s all said and done, one thing that remains unchanged is the level of energy that surrounds our hometown events. Not to mention the endless number of smiles on your faces (and our own) as we turn laps at one of our favorite racetracks in the country. 

Speaking of smiles; the camera crew was out in full force that weekend, and we thought we would share a few of our favorite moments from the event.  

xtreme xperience customer thumbs up with supercars in the background

The one finger we seem to see the most at XX-thankfully 😉

audi rs3 lms on track at autobahn country club in joliet, il

We tested the Audi RS3 LMS on track. Spoiler: It’s INSANE & we NEED one! 

porsche gt3 and lamborghini huracan on track at autobahn country club with xtreme xperience

Vorsteiner Novaro kitted Lamborghini chasing a Porsche 911 GT3… Ya don’t see that every day!

family in pits of xtreme xperience event at autobahn country club

We cannot wait to meet more of you future supercar drivers in the Chicagoland area when get back to ACC for round 2 this October. See you there! 

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It’s YOUR turn to Xperience the thrill of a supercar! 

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