XXTV Ep.2 – From the Chicago Auto Show


XXTV brings you the best of the Chicago Auto Show 2016

We’re not sure who left the door unlocked, but we busted out of the office to spend the day at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. Did someone say, “FIELD TRIP”!!! We arrived with the one goal in mind: Find out who had the best in performance cars, for 2016 and beyond. Naturally, we stopped by every new supercar and track worthy vehicle we could find at the show.

Just as you’d expect, we were interrupted by typical Auto Show shenanigans; better known as barriers, stanchions, and glass dividers, leaving us stuck at an arm’s length of these cars. What no one stopped us from doing is, interacting with some of Chicago’s biggest car fanatics, who were glad to hear that we had some supercars they could get their hands on.

We did get access to Bentley Gold Coast’s luxury and performance sector of the show, but only once we whipped out the cameras, and got denied (about 3 times). Luckily, this helped us shoot the official Episode 2 of #XXTV, directly from the floor of the Auto Show. Check it out:

Did you swing by #CAS16? If so, is there anything we missed, that you think deserves an honorable mention? What about the cars we mentioned, would you like to see them added to the fleet? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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