Tune In Tuesday: Celebrating 5 Xtreme Years!


Thousands of laps and hundreds of corners later, Xtreme turns five! 

Although the adolescent days of Xtreme Xperience are far behind us, reaching 5 years is a major milestone and a cause for celebration. Typically, we gather the team together for some summer fun in Chicago (our home base). This year, we were told there would be a much bigger surprise than we had ever seen before. 

Curious to see what was in store the Xtreme team? It’s time to tune into this week’s episode of XXTV.

XXTV Ep 4: Sponsoring a Racecar in the Xfinity NASCAR Series, and turning five! 

Leading up to the week of our anniversary, the plans were kept secret. We only knew that 5 days of surprises were planned for our entire team to enjoy and that the biggest surprise wouldn’t be unveiled until the fifth and final day.

As quickly as the nail-biting began, we pushed the record button our cameras. What ensued was a true testament to our “Work Hard. Play Hard. Drive Harder” motto. the number 8 xtreme xperience racecar and 5 year sticker

josh bilicki xfinity nascar driver of the number 8 xtreme xperience racecar

xfinity nascar number 8 xtreme xperience racecarxfinity nascar number 8 xtreme xperience racecar

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