Behind the Scenes of Xtreme with SaabKyle04


In the world of Xtreme, our mission is to make exotic supercars accessible to everyone. In fact, it goes much further than that. Xtreme now has the opportunity to provide once in a lifetime supercar driving experiences to thousands of individuals each year. Void of the velvet ropes, and auto show type of experience; we’re talking about getting onto a racetrack with a professional beside them, and going full throttle in the world’s best cars!

Picture of Saabkyle04 setting up cameras

Saabkyle04 setting up shop

As car enthusiasts, we are always trying to get some of our own kind to the track to share the experience with. By connecting with these individuals we get REAL feedback on our program, that is unbiased and always valuable. If we can give these influencers the experience of a lifetime, right in their backyard, then we know we’re making some progress on our mission.

We contacted one of our favorite YouTubers, SaabKyle04, who recently reached 700k subscribers on his channel. His videos receive thousands of views, as he reviews and tests cars of all shapes and sizes. His ability to provide valuable insight about the character of a car he’s never experienced before, is uncanny. His level of excitement, passion, and sheer attention to detail, allow his channel to be a mainstay for guys like us, to just simply learn about cars. We definitely dig that!

Picture Saabkyle04 at Xtreme Xperience

Prep time

We noticed Kyle had very few videos of him behind the wheel of any exotic supercars where he was giving it the beans! Kyle presses each button, revs each engine, and turns the key of every car he’s ever been in. In the event that an exotic review or experience arises, the former Saab driver did not hesitate to pick up the phone and get to the track. So, we brought him out for an Xtreme Xperience in today’s hottest exotics, at one of the greatest tracks in the U.S. – AMP!

As you can see Kyle made the most of a wet and wild weekend at AMP! We made sure that he left happy, and that he had the ability to get in some dry laps as well. Overall, we’d like to say that Kyle’s level of professionalism, and “let’s go for it” attitude made it an absolute pleasure to have him at our event. We recommend that you visit his channel and subscribe for reviews on all of today’s cars. See you again soon SaabKyle04 – we’ll lineup some new cars for you to try out soon.

picture of Saabkyle pointing

We need to go that-a-way, Kyle!

Kyle created a review of his entire experience comparing both the Lamborghini LP560-4 and the all new Huracán to the Ferrari 458 Italia on the track. Visit the SaabKyle04 Youtube channel to watch the entire video of his experience – here.

Picture of Saabkyle in the pits

Walking the pits and picking out his line up

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