Xtreme Questions Meet Xtreme Answers


Welcome to Xtreme Xperience

First of all, we’re so glad you’re here! 

If you love cars (or just love adrenaline) you’ve come to the right place. At Xtreme Xperience, we’ve been putting together adventure seekers and bonafide supercars for the better part of ten years on the best race tracks and Open Road events all over this great country, 

We understand that stepping into the realm of a performance machine on a racetrack can be an intimidating thing, but we’re here to help make things crystal clear to put your mind at ease and set the proper expectations. Stay tuned, because we’re going to be doing a similar blog with Open Road questions here in the coming weeks. 

Let’s get the first and most common question out of the way: Yes, YOU get to drive the cars! This is an experience that’s built for those who want to drive, and we want you to feel the thrill of a true supercar. Even if you’re not ready to drive, we offer ride-alongs in our 700+ horsepower Dodge Hellcat Chargers too! 

So, what else do you need to know? Let’s get into it. 

Q.  How Fast Can I Go?

Only two things determine how fast you can go: safety and your nerve. 

Our cars can easily scream up to 160+ miles per hour on long straightaway shots, and can then take a corner at high speed. Trust us, this isn’t your family SUV! These vehicles are track-bred, and they drive like it. Need help choosing a track or car? Check out our other blog for all the details. 

We don’t speed govern our cars, so there is no way we can really control your speed, but it’s important for your safety to listen to the instructors in the car with you. If you’re going too fast, you can overcook a corner and end up spinning out of control! So yes, speed isn’t everything. It takes some skill to take on a sharp turn rather than just going pedal to the metal!

The bottom line is, just focus on the task at hand and the speed will come with it. 

Q. What If I Crash the Car?

Well, you better have some room on that credit card and a good lawyer… Kidding! 

To drive with Xtreme Xperience, you are required to purchase track insurance that covers any potential accidents since your personal car insurance would not cover you on a track. 

There are three different levels to choose from:

  • Base Level: $39 ($20,000 coverage / $6,000 deductible)
  • Mid-Level: $69 ($85,000 coverage / $4,000 deductible)
  • Premium Level: $129 ($125,000 coverage / $2,000 deductible)

Don’t let this scare you! As long as you keep a cool head, leave your ego outside the car, and listen to your instructors, you do not need to worry about crashing our cars. 

Q. How Much Does This Cost?

It all depends on what car you want to drive on the track! 

Prices run anywhere from $249 to $429 (plus track insurance), per car, for an Xtreme Xperience. Our team has worked hard to make this experience as affordable as possible while still accounting for gas, transportation, staffing, and our traveling team that makes things happen at the track. Ask anyone who’s come out to the track with us and they’ll tell you that the experience is worth every single penny. 

We also offer payment plans with Affirm to help make things even more affordable. 

Q. Are the cars manual or automatic?

Look, we love manual transmissions (#savethemanuals) but unfortunately, there are way more people that don’t know how to drive a stick, versus people that do. In addition, most supercars have made the switch to dual-clutch transmissions due to the performance benefits and ease of going faster without worrying about driver error. 

So, in order to help us maintain the mission of getting everyone into a bonafide supercar, we keep all of our track cars specified with an automatic transmission. Once you feel a powerful supercar slam into gear under acceleration or pop off a perfect downshift, you won’t miss that three-pedal setup one bit!

Q. Why are there only one or two events near me per year?

Think of us like your favorite band that goes on tour every year to tracks all over the country. Every time we play a new show, we need to pack up all the equipment, personnel, and cars to ship them off to another destination. We reach every major region in the United States, but due to our traveling circus of cars, we can only swing through most areas once or twice a year. 

Keep in mind, our events fill up fast, and can sometimes book out several months in advance. Once you know we’re coming and you want to get behind the wheel, it’s best to get your seat time locked down. 

Q. How long is this experience?

You’ll have three screaming laps to experience the true majesty of a supercar, which usually lasts for about ten minutes. However, we recommend you book anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours at the track checking in, a classroom safety briefing (we’re not just going throw you on the track without some learning), pit area prep time, physical drive time, check-out, and any other things you have planned with us such as ride-alongs or driving other cars. 

Q. Do I need a license for this?

Yes, you need a valid driver’s license (US or international) to drive and you must be at least 18 years of age. If you’re 12, you can ride along and get a feel for the joy of being out on a track. 

Still have questions?

We may not have covered every question you have, but our guest services team is here to help. You shoot them an email at info@xxspeed.com or reach out by phone at 866.273.7727.

Top tip: We may already have answers to your question in one of our blogs or on our FAQ page

See you at the track!