Xtreme Autocross

photo bmw autocross driving experience

(Photo by: Nicholas Seymour)

We are proud to announce that we have now added Autocross to the Xtreme Xperience program. Many of our participants have always ask for the opportunity to explore the limits of their vehicles, after they’ve learned driving techniques on the track from their instructors. Guess what? Now you can! Here’s your opportunity to compete against our Instructors’ lap times (set in the Xtreme Evo), in your very own vehicle, for a chance to win a Supercar Track Xperience.

What is Autocross?

Xtreme’s Autocross events are meant to provide a low-risk, performance driving and car control (learning) experience at moderate speeds – in your own vehicles. Typically, Autocross courses are held in large parking lots, skid-pads, or in some cases, on an actual track. Obstacles and outlines of the course are defined by cones and chalk. Autocross laps are timed and there’s only one driver on the course at a time. Your goal is to quickly make it from start to finish without missing a gate or taking out a cone, otherwise a penalty will be applied to your time.

Here’s an demonstration of an Autocross at the Autobahn Country Club:

Rules & Regulations:

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Pre-event ticket sales can be purchased online. You must print your confirmation and bring it to the Autocross check-in tent for redemption. Pre-purchases are not necessary; day-of walkups are available.

Sessions are first-come, first-serve from 9am – 4pm. Reservations are not applicable. Each session is for one driver and will include an Xtreme Xperience instructor in the passenger seat. Additional passengers are prohibited.

Drivers must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license. Learning permits will not be accepted. International driver’s licenses are applicable.

Drivers must be able to speak English or clearly understand instructor hand signals. Any non-English speaking or deaf persons must provide a personal translator and demonstrate understanding of hand signals, before driving.

Driver’s must bring their driver’s license and wear closed-toed shoes.

If you pre-purchased your ticket you must print your confirmation email and bring it to the track, for redemption.

Personal helmets must be Snell SA2005 or SA2010 certified, and the sticker must be visible. DOT only certification is NOT acceptable. Motorcycle helmets will not be permitted. Customer helmets that pass inspection will be given a XX helmet sticker to be visible from the driver’s side window.

If you do not own a helmet, rental helmets will be available for a fee of $5.


Entered vehicles will be inspected by a contracted mechanic with autocross experience, working under the Xtreme Xperience name. The following must be upheld in order for a car to drive the autocross track:

  • Check tires – Good condition with measurable tread, no exposed cords, cracks/damage in sidewalls.
  • Check wheel lugs for tightness, none missing.
  • Hub caps / wheel / lug covers removed (To inspect requirement above).
  • Check wheel bearings for tightness. No excessive steering play.
  • Check seat belts for good condition, lap belts minimum are required. Racing harness should be mounted properly.
  • Check the battery mounting – must be mounted securely. Any relocated wet batteries MUST be properly mounted and enclosed in a suitable case. Hot leads must be isolated. Relocated AGM batteries do NOT have to be in an enclosure but must be properly secured.
  • Check overall for fluid leaks.
  • All cars need to have an installed and functioning coolant overflow tank.
  • All radiator hoses must be free from deterioration and cracking – not leaking.
  • Check that brake pedal is firm. Brake & clutch fluid levels are full, no leaks. Brake pads need to have sufficient life. 50% minimum recommended.
  • Working brake lights.
  • No loose parts or excess rust underneath vehicle.
  • Exhaust system COMPLETE and secured.
  • Check throttle return spring.
  • Remove all loose items from interior and trunk, NO FLOOR MAT ON DRIVER SIDE. (spare tire/jack/tools secured or removed)

Vehicles that PASS tech inspection will have an obvious identifier from Xtreme Xperience, proving they have passed tech inspection.

If your vehicle does not pass tech inspection a partial refund will be provided; you maybe subject to a %5 refund fee.

Pre-purchased tickets must be used during specified XX track days, and are not applicable for refund. Unused tickets cannot be redistributed into other Xtreme Xperience offerings.

Tickets can be purchased at events, or ahead of time at the prices listed below. Prices are listed by lap package and include a professional instructor, and a chance to win a Supercar Track Xperience.

  • $15 – 1 lap
  • $35 – 3 laps
  • $70 – 9 laps

Buy your tickets, here.

So, think you have what it takes? Sign up today and head over to the track!