XXTV EP.3 – Here’s why we don’t have a Bugatti in our fleet


This week on XXTV, we decided it was a good time to clear the air on a very common discussion we’re often involved in. The question we’re trying answer is “what makes a supercar a supercar?”, in addition to “Where’s the Bugatti (Veyron)?”.

What we realized after three years and 75,000 track xperiences later, is that we’re still going to get asked the two questions above, simply because, everyone has a different opinion on what cars qualify as being “super”. Furthermore, we wanted to make sure the Bugatti lovers of this world could get some closure on their burning desire to drive a Veyron with XX. Spoiler – it’s likely not going to happen. Sorry dudes and dudettes! Find out why in the video below.

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What is a Supercar?

what is a supercar infographic xtreme xperience

Now that we’ve given our two cents on what it takes to be a supercar and hypercar, we want to know what your thoughts are? Are there any supercars that we “need” to have in the fleet? Let us know in the comments below.