What Car Should I Drive? Which Track Should I Visit?


If you recently came across us and have a million questions, you’re not the only one. Questions like “what’s the best car to drive?” or “how do you drive on a racetrack?” come up and you can’t seem to find much guidance.

Well, luckily for intrepid automotive enthusiasts all over the United States, our experts at Xtreme Xperience have answers to these burning questions. We’ve put over 350,000 people behind the wheel of a supercar over the last ten years, and throughout this time, we’ve learned quite a bit about the strengths and weaknesses of both supercars and super tracks and we thought it would be a good time to share some of this insider knowledge. 

Let’s put you in the driver’s seat. 

So Many Options, How Do I Choose? 

Well, first of all, there is never a bad option when it comes time to choose the best supercar or the best exotic sports car to drive on the track. 

Every single supercar has a distinctive set of strengths that the manufacturers of these super machines learned from their years of racing at circuits all over the world. If you want the raciest experience, look no further than the mighty Porsche GT3 RS or the Ferrari 488. Each of these vehicles comes with specific technology, learned from racing in series all over the world and it makes them among the best track cars in our fleet.

Xtreme Xperiences POrsche GT3 RS driving on a racetrack

On the other hand, vehicles like the Audi R8 V10 are not quite as track-focused as the Porsche GT3 RS, mainly due to its more sublime ride quality and a higher level of overall sound deadening. Can it rip around a race track at super legal speeds? Yes. Is it going to knock down lap times as fast as a GT3 RS or Ferrari 488? No. The same goes for vehicles like the surprisingly incredible Corvette C8. Considering the specs, the C8 is dollar for dollar one of the best thrill rides we’ve ever had in our fleet. 

At the end of the day, deciding which vehicle to take out on the Open Road or a track comes down to what kind of experience you want to have and frankly, as we said, there are no bad choices here.

Let’s Compare Some Cars 

Supercars from different manufacturers sometimes have more in common than you think. Take the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan, for example. Even though these vehicles look drastically different, and generally draw a completely different crowd of fans, they are almost the same under the skin. From the howling V10 to the stiff body structure and adjustable suspension, the components are all the same. Why? Volkswagen Group owns both Audi and Lamborghini. Comparisons between these two cars come down to the minutiae and even some of our most seasoned instructors have a hard time figuring out the differences while underway.

Xtreme Xperience V10 engine

There are those cars in our fleet that are just bonkers on the street and have a level of accessible performance that sets them apart. One of our oldest, yet most reliable and fun rides is the Nissan GT-R, especially for people who’ve never driven on a track. Sure, it doles out over 500 horsepower, but it does so in a linear and controlled way that sets the Nissan apart from others in the fleet. The same goes for handling. It’s not wild or tail happy, it’s planted to the ground and brutally effective about launching off corners with ease. It’s a must for any automotive enthusiast and it’s uniquely GT-R.

Xtreme Xperience's GTR driving on a racetrack.

On the other end of the exotic spectrum, we have three American entries that have redefined American performance for a new generation of drivers. From the Shelby, with its hulking 760 horsepower V8 (yes, you read that right) and race-ready suspension to the Challenger Widebody with its ridiculously charismatic driving experience, the muscle car is alive and well at Xtreme Xperience. Looking for a true, American exotic? Our C8 Z51 will make you a believer that the Corvette brand is nipping at the heels of Ferrari and Lamborghini. 

There are so many choices, that you may need to drive more than one car to really decide which one you like best.

Not All Tracks Are Created Equal

Some want to see 150+ mph on the straits and some want to nail that apex as they careen through a chicane at high speed. The good news is that not all tracks are created equal and luckily for automotive enthusiasts all over the country, we go to dozens of different tracks that offer different experiences for our drivers. 

Vehicles like the Shelby Mustang GT500 love the long straights to help those 760 horses run free and if you want to hit that magical 150 or 160 mph number, you’ll want to choose a track with at least a 2000-foot straightaway. Portland International, for example, offers a 2300-foot straight that will set your mind on fire as you blaze down it, readying for the braking zone. Our GT3 RS or Ferrari 488 however are built for corners. Tracks like Sonoma Raceway offer some of the best corners on the whole calendar, plus some serious elevation changes to make it all the more dramatic. 

Check out our full calendar for every track we run. We offer a full breakdown of layout, track length, number of turns, and straight length for you so you can decide what’s best.

Xtreme Xperience's Ferrari 488 GTB driving on a racetrack.

Open Road or Racetrack?

Xtreme Xperience offers two distinctive sets of car nerd experiences for you to choose from. 

For those that want to channel their inner Lewis Hamilton, our track day experiences will allow you to push our cars in a way that their engineers and designers fully envisioned. You’ll be placed in a car with an experienced instructor whose only job is to make sure you go as fast as possible and to stay safe while doing it. It’s push, push, push the whole way through and by the time you’re done, you’ll be smiling uncontrollably and covered in sweat. It’s intense. 

On the other hand, Open Road puts these same cars on the street and allows you to experience some of the performance but instead of pushing 10/10ths, encourages you to slow down a bit and experience the drive. Open Road events are held in the most beautiful places in the country and include everything from soaring mountain vistas to wide open and wild deserts. 

Xtreme Xperiences Open Road Fleet driving through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Still Can’t Decide? Do them both!

Let’s be frank here, both of these experiences are mind-blowingly fun, so why choose only one? 

Book one of our track day experiences, and you’ll have the option to drive the entire fleet of cars! Choose a half-day or full-day Open Road experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to drive EVERY car in the Open Road fleet which includes the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan, and Porsche GT3. For the true automotive enthusiast supercar tour or racetrack event, you really can not get any better.

Xtreme Xperiences Open Road Porsche GT3 parked in front of mount rainier in Washington.

One of the most enriching things to do is to experience these events while traveling away from home. What better way to make your vacation perfect than to visit a local track or take a spin with Open Road through the region’s natural beauty? It will be a trip you’ll never forget. 

How much is this?

We know that cost can always be a factor when deciding on experiences and travel but luckily for you, Xtreme Xperience is about to go on sale. That’s right, our Black Friday sale is coming up and it will be the best time to nab spots for 2023 at the absolute lowest prices! You can gain early access to deals by signing up to the Xtreme Team email list.

Xtreme Xperiences Black Friday deal announcement.

This means you have plenty of time to check out the 2023 calendar, check out our Open Road destinations, research every car, and zero in on the experiences that are perfect for you. Black Friday is our best deal of the year, so this is an awesome opportunity to get the best track day and supercar tour for the best possible price. 

Stay tuned for more details!