Waylens Horizon Camera Review


Testing out the Waylens Horizon Camera on Track with Exotic Cars

Recently, we synced up with Waylens to help test the functionality of two new enthusiast driven features on their Horizon cameras. This camera system is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. It’s crammed with tons of features in such a small package, and it enhances any driving experience by making it exciting to create and share videos of your driving experiences.

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We wanted to see if their cameras could handle the Xtreme conditions of sprinting to 60 mph and accurately time a lap from a 500+ hp supercar. If they could keep up, we promised we would give away a Supercar Track Xperience to a customer of theirs. Can you guess how it went? 


We put the Waylens 0-60mph timer to work in our Nissan GT-R. 


Whoa! We bet you didn’t know that, Shag from Iron Resurrection, joined us did you?

We gave him the chance to experience a couple supercars in our fleet, while he showed us how simple the Horizon camera is to use. After choosing your modes, the camera uses some pretty sophisticated tech to measure when acceleration begins and ends at 60mph in your car. You can then take that information and overlay it on videos you export. Pretty slick, huh?  

Despite the brutal acceleration of the GT-R, the function still produced accurate results. Although, we’re pretty sure if we had a few more pulls in the GT-R and some fresh rubber, we could have seen some better numbers. Not bad though! 

Want to see how the LapTimer feature works in our Lamborghini Huracán?

Now, it’s time for Shag to get behind the wheel of a supercar and lay down some laps in the LP610-4 at Grand Sport Speedway (Houston, TX). Check out the video below to see what times Shag put up.


The LapTimer feature is just as simple and straight forward as the 0-60mph option. You essentially set your start point on the GPS, and then Voila! You can track your lap times, at any time and almost anywhere. 

It looks as though there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s announce the winner of $500 towards a Supercar Track Xperience. Was it you? 

Doug Carmichael of Alabama, come on down! 

Car…Michael… It must have been fate. Haha! 

Waylens Xtreme Xperience Sweepstakes winner $500 giveaway

We’re looking forward to meeting you at the track, Doug. Can’t wait to see which supercar/s you choose to drive. 

Ready to Xperience the thrill of a supercar at a track near you? 

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