ICYMI: We ALMOST Missed Our First Event


Our worst nightmare almost became REALITY!

We loaded up the fleet of supercars and equipment trailer, sent them on their way to Phoenix, AZ and got ourselves ready take off behind them. After a good snooze, it was time to get to the airport to catch our flights. Pretty standard stuff, right? 

Everything was all good and well… until EVERY FLIGHT departing from the Midwest got CANCELED

Now what?!

Watch Ep5 of the Vlog to find out what happens next:

Here we are thinking we’re invincible, and nothing can stop us from getting in some sun-soaked laps at Bondurant. Luckily for us, our hardworking team happens to be stationed across the US, and a small crew arrived ahead of our 48hour delay in the Midwest. It’s a Valentine’s Day MIRACLE! 

Thanks to the group of event staff who pulled everything together. Of course, we’d like to thank those participants at Bondurant who were understanding of our tardiness. Hopefully, we never have a snowmageddon scenario again🤞 (fingers crossed). 

Were you at Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving with Xtreme? Let us know how your event day went in the comments below.

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