Twin Turbo vs. Naturally Aspirated – You decide!


You decide – which would you rather have? A twin-turbocharged engine or a naturally aspirated beast?TTvsNaturally-Web

The McLaren MP4-12C vs. the Ferrari 458 Italia… The Nissan GT-R against the Audi R8… or maybe the Porsche 911 Turbo pinned against the Ferrari F430. Either way you match it up you’re getting a twin turbo vs naturally aspirated glory!

With the direction of the industry going towards a smaller carbon footprint, turbochargers have been the way to go while maintaining horsepower and acceleration from smaller engines. Not to mention the better gas mileage you’ll get when you don’t chug along with a 10 or 12 cylinder engine.

As hybrid electric technology is becoming a more viable option for supercars like the McLaren P1 & the Porsche 918 Spyder, it’s still years away from being a reliable option in the real world. And while companies like Koenigsegg stray away from hybrid technology completely and still develop clean, efficient engines it will be interesting to see where the industry will thrive in the future.

Will turbocharged engines be the future?
Will naturally aspirated engines go away in pursuit of lower emissions? Could hybrid technology like in the BMW i8 be the basis for all cars in 20 years time?

Let us know, share your thoughts.

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