Tune In Tuesday: Customer Xperience Edition!


Your track-day videos inspired our 2018 vlogs

Immediately following our Track Xperiences we jump on Youtube to hunt down what videos were shared from the weekend’s events. With so many thrill seekers arriving at the track with cameras in hand, we know we’re going to have an opportunity to see our Xperience from your point of view. 

Your videos and comments on our program not only give us inspiration or help us make improvements, but they provide us with a real sense of what it’s like to be in your shoes. Some videos are pure entertainment, others are serious reviews, either way, there’s variety and a uniqueness to each post we come across. 

WATCH: Here’s a video submission from a private group that we can’t stop watching!

This video was XTREME! Wasn’t it? The company, Constellation Brands, really knows how to celebrate their success amongst their team. In our eyes, they must share our personal motto, “Work Hard. Play Hard. Drive Harder!”

We get to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour or more with our corporate groups, and their stories are equally as interesting as our bucket listers. What makes our private hours special, is that there is an eclectic mix of first-time supercar drivers, gearheads, and racers in attendance. Most of which have no idea they would be Xperiencing a supercar together until they arrive. 

Can you imagine showing up to work and being told, “we’re going to the racetrack and it’s YOUR turn to drive a Lamborghini today.”? How awesome would that be?!

To add to that, we’re always excited to hear your stories of success and why you have chosen XX to celebrate with your team (or clients). Do you have one? Be sure to share it below in the comments. 

Have you ever considered bringing a group of your closest friends out to the track for a few laps in a fleet of supercars? We can accommodate small to large size groups at every track including our home base – NOLA Motorsports Park. 

We hope you will let us know if you’re looking for something fun to do at your corporate outing. Either way, we’ll see you next Tune-in-Tuesday! 

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