8 reasons why the R8 is not, “just another Audi”.


It’s time to give the Audi R8 V10, Xtreme’s stamp of approval.

photo audi r8 v10 willow springs racetrack xtreme xperience

Suzuka Gray R8 V10 at Willow Springs

Introduced in late 2008, the Audi R8 became the first mid-engine supercar they’ve ever produced. As a manufacturer under the VW umbrella, they were able to utilize their Italian counterpart, Lamborghini, in conjunction with their R&D from years of racing, in order to develop a platform that would be suitable for the road and track.

Their initial release was a 4.2 liter V8, that had over 400 horsepower being delivered to all four wheels. The R8 quickly gained notoriety as being a civilized performance car, that had poise and character on the track. However, many hoped for a supercar that could compete with the big boys, to which Audi responded with a 5.2 liter V10 model. The V10 boasted over 100 more horsepower compared to the V8 package, and it’s nearly one second faster when accelerating to 60 mph. This potent upgrade had Jeremy Clarkson saying, that it has enough HP and “torque to tenderize an elephant!” in his review of the R8 V10 on BBC’s TopGear. Elephant steaks anyone? (JK. Please do not eat elephants!)

After owning both the Lamborghini Gallardo (which share many of the R8 V10’s components), and serving up many laps with the V8 model, we knew we had to find a way to show you why the R8 V10 is a supercar that needs to be on your list of cars to drive!

photo of suzuka gray audi r8 at track xtreme xperience

Profile of the R8 V10

8 reasons why the R8 is not just another Audi:

  1. The first Audi 4.2L FSI engine was used in a 24 hours of LeMans race. Not only did it place them on the podium, but it came in first place.
  2. The R8 V10 is the quickest and fastest Audi production car, at 3.8sec 0-60 mph, with a top speed of 196 mph.
  3. The V10’s 525 HP engine is the highest powered engine of any other Audi production car.
  4. The V8 has a more civilized feel on the road and through corners, while the V10 received electronically controlled magnetic suspension and an improved feel to the steering, making it more sporty to drive.
  5. In production, R8’s undergo meticulous inspections by both engineers, and a laser scanner that checks over 200 neurological points to ensure perfection.
  6. Compared to an Audi A6, production of the R8 takes 4 times longer to assemble.
  7. Developed by Audi’s R&D team, the R8 is equipped with an ultra lightweight, multi-material Audi Space Frame, weighing only 440.9 lbs.
  8. The R8 is completely assembled by hand at the Quattro factory.
photo suzuka gray audi r8 v10 at track xtreme xperience

Exiting the Bowl at Willow Springs

There is no doubt in my mind, that the R8 will be a car we will always have an affinity for. Many may have frowned at the Italian and German collaboration, and suspected that the results would be an awful mess… but that’s just erroneous! The Audi R8 is sophisticated and absolutely sublime to drive on the road or the track. In fact, several enthusiasts consider the R8 to be a perfect blend of comfort and performance. Making it one of the only supercars on the market that would actually make a reasonable daily driver – anywhere in the world.

Still skeptical? The only thing you have to do is drive it to find out! So, what are you waiting for?

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This is your chance to drive Iron Man’s  supercar on a REAL Racetrack, are you ready?

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