Why Not Use Teslas?


It’s the most-asked question here at Xtreme Xperience ever. Without a doubt. When will you get Teslas? The case is made to us constantly in messages, at events, and on social media comments. We totally hear you and find Teslas fascinating – not to mention ever-increasing in their performance credibility. We aren’t trying to douse that enthusiasm with a bucket of cold water, however, there are a couple of main reasons why we think Teslas are a couple years out yet from joining our fleet. 

Xtreme Xperience employs a number of highly qualified technicians who work on everything from Chevy SSs to GTRs to McLarens. They know their stuff. Here’s what two of them had to say about the topic. 


I think that they would be able to handle the tracks as hard as we push the vehicles(suspension, brakes). However, the options when it comes to upgrading components to make them handle better are not out there. If there is an issue it is all electrical and electrical issues usually are not quick fixes. I also don’t believe that the batteries would be reliable in the long term with the fast discharge rates and the time to charge the batteries would take too long.


The refueling, or in this case “recharging” logistics just wouldn’t work for our program. The lead cars need to be in constant rotation and a little bit of time is built into the capacity models to allow for a quick refuel. A recharge for an electric car will take much longer than it would to refuel a gasoline engine vehicle. A solution to that would be to carry an extra Tesla, allowing one to always be charging. Problem with that is now that extra Tesla takes the spot of a supercar on the trailers.


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This is an ongoing conversation. (We’ll continue to update this page as more of our technicians chime in on the topic!) With every Nordschleife run, track test, and performance upgrade, we are excited to know that an electric future on track is getting closer to being available to the masses. Formula E is doing a lot; hopefully one day we are offering an electric track experience!