The Off Season: A Look into 2018 (Photoset)


Never off-track. Always on.

We bring you behind the scenes at XX Headquarters (Chicago), giving you a look at our program from a different perspective. At the moment, our sights are set on making 2018 a defining year in the history books of Xtreme. To show you what that looks like, our content team snuck in and out of meetings to catch all the planning as it happens. 

Peek under the hood of 2018

Looking out of the interior of an EVO at Supercars

Much needed R&R for the supers

XX evo lead car ahead of the supercars in the garage

EVO 3, taking a hard look at its opponents. 

underneath a supercar and in the garage of XX

Time to get things buttoned up, 2018 is jam-packed. 

Closing out a tour season is bittersweet for us. We have to say goodbye to our team on the road, but we get to spend some extra time with our families at home. Tour life isn’t easy, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Some of us have as many miles in the pit of racetracks, as supercars have on their odometers. 

xx tech with torque wrench

Nevertheless, the new year is our time to recalibrate and focus our energy on the upcoming season’s challenges that lie ahead. This means working with members of each team, inevitably training each other in ways that we can improve your experience. 

xx team in conference room of the hq

Taking a new approach to content, we look for inspiration from the best in the biz.’ 

Just a month away from our first 2018 event means the pressure is on. Each day at HQ is slightly different from the one that preceded it, but the pace is steadily increasing.

Today we’re focused on creative, and the next we’re discussing operations and logistics. There is always more than enough time to talk about cars. (In case you were wondering.)

xx staff looking at a camera

New gear lands in the hands of our content team. Get fired up for more supercar pics/vids!

ferrari and chevy ss in xx garage

These babies need constant attention, and we can’t say no. 

At Xtreme, there are a lot of moving parts – literally and figuratively. Despite the ever-changing list of to-do’s, the experience is centered around your safety and making your dreams become a reality. 

xx chevy ss bumpers

We gave the Chevy SS’s a facelift. Did you see it on Instagram? What did you think?

chevy ss and huracan

New bulls will charge behind the SS’s.

all white lamborghini huracan

A ghostly new Huracan has arrived. 👻

This year’s challenge is to hit 20 tracks (25 events as of 1/19/18) with even more cars, not to mention more track time at NOLA Motorsports Park. We aim to leave our mark on new stretches of tarmac. We’re cruising into uncharted territories; visiting Toronto, Canada for the first time in XX history. 

putting wheels on xx evo

Nick locks down a fresh set of shoes on the Evo

red ferrari 488 gtb

Lights out for the ‘Rari

xx mitsubishi evo ready to take off

The Evo’s ready for any track at any time. 

It’s time to draw the curtains and get back to planning out the year. If you’re following on social media, keep an eye out as we reveal plans for the year. Stay tuned!

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