From the Garage: Where Will We Park in 2019?


2019 will be a banner year for us at Xtreme Xperience. We will be doubling the number of the Track Xperiences we host by visiting more North American cities than ever! Plus, we’ll be moving to a new garage in 2019!

xtreme xperience 2019 event map

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With this many tour stops, Supercars have never been so accessible. 

Have you heard the fleet’s doubling as well? Not only will we be adding more of the supercars you love, but we will also be bringing a Hellcat Widebody to our fleet. 

Did you know the Dodge Challenger Widebody is the first American Muscle car we have ever added to the Xtreme Fleet? Drive the 707hp Hellcat at a track near you. 

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joshua j marine quote laid over supercars photos

Our HQ is centrally located in Chicago, IL. Like most metropolitan cities, office space is at a premium, especially when you require a garage attached to it. Although, we DO enjoy the friendly supercar Tetris competition that takes place in the back…  We’re packing our bags.

It should come as no surprise that more supercars and double the number of events will require additional personnel, trailers and of course, a bigger garage!

Ultimately, we’re excited and humbled to know that we’ve outgrown our home. Internally we have all shared our vision for what a new garage in 2019 could look like. We’re expecting it to be pretty rad.

adam signing new lease

CEO / Founder Adam Olalde reviewing blueprints

The hunt for a new home has begun. The execs at XX hope to have ink on paper as soon as the New Year begins. 

Don’t worry though, we’ll let you know when we pop the “frunks” of the supercars and begin moving our stuff into our new garage.

Stay tuned! 


We’re moved into our brand new Chicago HQ and could not be happier! The pictures below show the office side (you’ve probably already seen the garage) including our outdoor spaces, conference rooms, and semi-open floor plan. 


new garage in 2019: The Xtreme Xperience Lobby

The Xtreme Xperience Chicago Headquarters Lobby


Xtreme Xperience Conference Room

One of the three Xtreme Xperience Conference Rooms


new garage in 2019: Xtreme Xperience Guest Services

Xtreme Xperience Guest Services


Xtreme Xperience Outdoor Hangout Space

Xtreme Xperience Outdoor Hangout Space


new garage in 2019: Xtreme Xperience Interior Space

Xtreme Xperience Open Offices


Xtreme Xperience Open Office Space




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