The Best Roads in Michigan


This is a state with lakes as big as oceans, soaring sandstone cliffs, deep evergreen forests, and sprawling wineries. 

Yet, some people who’ve lived here their entire lives like to think of it as somewhat unspoiled, and after a recent trip to Michigan, we have to agree. This is one of the most beautiful regions we have ever been to and it just begs to be explored. 

To go along with this staggering natural beauty, Michigan also happens to have some of the most arresting roads in the Midwest. Remember, Michigan is the home of Motor City, and people here love to drive. Motor oil flows through the veins of Michigan residents unlike any other state in the country, and well, the fine people of Michigan have built some pretty epic roads here. 

This unique combination of natural beauty and incredible driving roads makes Michigan the perfect place for Open Road’s next adventure. 

Let’s take a journey deep into this incredible land. 

The Award Winning Michigan M-22

Winding its way for 116 miles along the Lake Michigan shoreline, the M-22 is so good that it was once named America’s most scenic Autumn drive by both 10Best and USA today. 

This unique route takes you through everything from a world-class wine country, to some of the most unspoiled shoreline in the United States. The M-22 winds through three counties: Manistee, Benzie, and Leelanau. Each county has its own unique history, geography and local legends that make them each feel like they’re their own unique destination. 

Along the way, staggering natural beauty is mixed with world-class restaurants and shopping experiences. The M-22 is one of the best ways to experience the local side of Michigan, a land honed by mother nature and taken care of by those that have depended on it for millennia.  

Must See Spots On The M-22

Leelanau Wine Country:

This unique region has over 18 wineries, many of them requiring a bit of searching to find. You’ll enjoy sweeping vistas of rolling vineyards set against Lake Leelanau, intersected with some of the finest driving roads in the entire country. It is peaceful, and it is full of people who live every single day to the max. 

Traverse City / Traverse Bay:

Located on the grand shores of Lake Michigan’s Traverse Bay, Traverse City offers a perfect jumping off point to the region’s many quaint towns and scenic overlooks. Highlights in the region include the Cherry Bend Road, the DeYoung Natural Area, countless stoic lighthouses, deep forests with hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and so much more. 

Leelanau County and Lake Leelanau:

Offering everything from James Beard award winning restaurants like Blu, to quaint 1900s fishing towns full of art galleries and speciality food shops; the Leelanau peninsula and Lake Leelanau are not to be missed. Must see destinations include the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and the quaint town of Leland with its historic Fishtown district.

Amenities Along the Way

One of the best things about traveling along the M-22 is the wide range of amenities that you’ll enjoy along this incredible stretch of road.

Famous vineyards like Black Star Farms, who are regional experts in sparkling wine, intermingle with roadside smoked fish shacks that produce products that wouldn’t be out of place in the finest restaurants in the country. Yet, that’s the spirit of the M-22. The finest products and landscape in the world, all accessible to every kind of person. 

Michigan is well known for its incredible fruit, especially cherries, and shops like Cherry Republic will make your mouth water as soon as you walk in the door. The region is also known for its beer and ciders, with local spots like Hop Lot Brewing and Sutton Bay Ciders leading the way and showing out of towners exactly what Michigan is capable of. 

Beyond locally sourced food and drink, there are literally hundreds of beautiful lakeside stops, trails, and beautiful parks that are perfect for just taking a minute to contemplate. That’s what this place does to you, it makes you feel small, and at the same time makes you feel so full of life.

Open Road Michigan Supercar Tour

What could possibly be better than winding along one of the most historic, and scenic roads in the United States? How about doing it behind the wheel of a supercar! 

We know this may sound like a dream, but this is a dream that you can live courtesy of Open Road Michigan! Roll those windows down to take in that beautiful, clean Michigan air and press your foot to the floor. Your eyes will drink in the forest, and nearly boundless view of Lake Michigan as your supercar screams to redline. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like hearing the raspy exhaust of a supercar as it bounces off the sandstone cliffs of the M-22. Every corner is an opportunity to feel just that more connected to the road. 

Think you can do that in the family SUV? Think again. 

You have the opportunity to drive multiple supercars from brands like Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini as you scream through Michigan’s Leelanau peninsula. Along the way, we’ve curated plenty of opportunities to take photos and experience some of the best local restaurants that Michigan has to offer. 

This is way more than a drive, it is an experience you’ll never forget.

How To Experience Open Road Michigan

Open Road Michigan has several options for those looking to explore this magical land: 

1 hour: Enjoy a scenic blast through the best of Traverse Bay, and Lake Leelanau as you push two bespoke supercars through every corner and straight. This is the perfect way to sample a supercar. 

2.5 hour: Take a driving tour with two supercars through Leelanau’s sprawling wine country, and deep forests dotted with peek-a-boo views of Lake Michigan all along the way. 

Half Day: Spend several hours driving five of the world’s best supercars from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Corvette and more. You’ll explore every ounce of the roads near Traverse City, and enjoy the splendor of Leelanau’s wine country in a variety of cars that will make every corner and every straight away a complete joy. 
Full Day: Take a full day to get to know five bespoke supercars as you explore the incredible M-22. Enjoy quaint roadside stops, incredible regional cuisine, and build memories that will last a lifetime – all from the seat of a supercar that’s built to make your senses tingle. For those that love to drive, there is no experience better than a full day with Open Road Michigan.

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